• Hearing Loss Affect Your Balance

    Does Hearing Loss Affect Your Balance?

    Hearing loss can be a major debilitating health malady that could potentially precipitate changes in an individual’s personal, professional and social lives. Many may wonder if diminished hearing might elicit other problematic symptoms such as balance issues. Beltone Dallas Fort Worth invites you to read a brief blog addressing the correlation between decreased hearing ability […]

  • Beltone Dallas Fort Worth | Hearing Loss in Kids

    Does Earwax Affect Your Hearing

    Hearing loss, aside from being inconvenient, has possible complications. Studies have shown that it may lead to depression and dementia. Though it’s not always the case, it does increase the risk of developing them. Those trips to the club every weekend may be fun, but it isn’t doing your auditory system any good. However loud […]

  • Beltone Dallas Fort Worth

    How Obesity Is Related To Hearing Loss

    Obesity is much more than physical appearance; instead, it is a complication caused by an excess of fat in the body. Just a few extra pounds does not make you obese though.  You need a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30 or more to be considered Obese. A BMI of 25 to 29 is considered […]

  • Beltone Dallas Fort Worth

    The Relationship Between Hearing Loss & Turner Syndrome

    As parents, it’s only natural that you care about the well-being of your children. For those with daughters, Turner Syndrome may be one condition that you should give some attention to as it is confined to females only. This is a complication where an X chromosome may be missing from your child’s genes. It could […]

  • Beltone DFW | Retirement Planning

    How To Prepare For Your Hearing Health Before Retirement

    There are many of you now anticipating the chance to retire, to just lay back and relax  while looking forward to spending a whole day your grandchildren soon. You may be preparing for this significant phase of your life by getting you finances in order through purchasing a retirement plan, or maybe setting the date […]

  • Beltone DFW | Exercising & Hearing Loss

    How Exercising Can Help With Your Hearing Health

    Exercise has always been praised to have many health benefits. Experts all agree that it’s important to incorporate it in your lifestyle whether you like it or not. We’re not just talking once a week. Ideally, a person should have at least a moderate exercise routine three days a week. Many are unable to achieve […]

  • Beltone DFW | Hearing 101

    Hearing 101

    The ear is one of the smallest body parts, but it contains almost the entirety of our hearing abilities. Deep inside is a complex system working together so our brains can receive and understand sounds. It’s the synchronicity of these minute components that give us an important function and affect our quality of life. How […]

  • Beltone DFW | Hearing Loss

    3 Tips For Talking To Your Loved Ones About Hearing Loss

    Telling someone with a hearing impairment that it’s time for a trip to the doctor can be a sensitive topic. That person may be in denial or doesn’t fully grasp the severity of the problem as hearing loss can happen gradually over time. The individual might not have noticed the changes of their ability to […]

  • Beltone DFW | Hearing Loss & Diabetes

    Are Diabetes And Hearing Loss Related?

    Diabetes is an illness caused by the impairment of a person’s body to manufacture or respond to insulin, a hormone that facilitates the level of blood sugar in your body, making sure it doesn’t get too high or too low. Approximately 30 million people in the US have diabetes and about 34.5 million suffer from […]

  • Beltone DFW | Hearing Test

    What To Expect At Your Hearing Health Appointment

    With the technological advancements in medicine, you can dismiss your fears of having to go through any medieval-type of treatments and exams. You have nothing to fear so schedule your hearing check-up today. Here’s what to expect at your appointments. Hearing Exam Your ears will go through a visual exam set to strict and specific […]

  • The Link Between Music And Memory

    Memory is an amazing faculty of a human that allows us to retain information. It’s much more complex than we think. Many professionals and academics have tried to test the depth of just how intricate the mind is. One such study made by psychologists were able to produce profound results, wherein 70% of the subjects […]

  • Beltone DFW | Hearing Loss & Driving

    4 Tips For Safe Driving With Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss doesn’t automatically disqualify you from being able to legally drive. In most cases, it just means taking extra caution to keep yourself and others on the road safe. Some sounds such as the jingle of a bike crossing the road or the whistle of a traffic officer might be difficult for you to […]