The Effects of Ear Candling

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Ear candling is a procedure in which candle wax is used to aid in the removal of ear wax. However, there are certain types of candles that were created with this procedure in mind. Ear candles are hollowed out and use cone-shaped fabric that is coated with either paraffin wax, soy wax, or beeswax. The pointed tip part is placed over the ear as the wider end is lit to start to melt the wax. Those who champion this procedure claim that the heat from the candle causes a suction effect which pulls the unwanted earwax out of the ear. Many claim that ear candling not only removes ear wax but helps with other issues like swimmers’ ear and earaches. But does this procedure really live up to all its hype and is it really good for us to have ear candling done?

Does Ear Candling Work?

The American Academy of Audiology has actually gone on record as saying that there is no medical proof that ear candling is an effective method of removing ear wax. After doing extensive research, they determined that there was little to no difference in the amount of earwax in an ear canal after the procedure had been done. Ear candling can also lead to injury. In fact, the Food and Drug Administration has placed a warning to procedures on the health risks involved in having it done. According to the FDA, those who undergo the ear candling procedure run the risk of the following injuries to their ears:

  • Damage to the eardrum
  • Burns
  • Ear blockages
  • Hearing loss

Despite the warnings and the obvious risk involved, some feel that ear candling is worth it. But is it really? There are other alternatives to this risky procedure. One way is to have the ear flushed out using a water syringe and water being flushed into the ear canal until the wax is dislodged. This way is less invasive and less damaging. Another way is the use of softening ear wax drops. In fact, there are kits sold over the counter that include the earwax softening drops and the water syringe together. Although, whenever possible it’s best to get ear wax removed by an experienced physician to make sure all the earwax is removed safely.

Get in Touch With a Specialist

While ear candling may sound like an interesting and unique way to remove ear wax, the team at Beltone Dallas Fort Worth recommends that you seek the help of a qualified professional to remove the wax completely. Contact us today!