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  • 3 Tips For Talking To Your Loved Ones About Hearing Loss

    Telling someone with a hearing impairment that it’s time for a trip to the doctor can be a sensitive topic. That person may be in denial or doesn’t fully grasp the severity of the problem as hearing loss can happen gradually over time. The individual might not have noticed the changes of their ability to […]

  • Are Diabetes And Hearing Loss Related?

    Diabetes is an illness caused by the impairment of a person’s body to manufacture or respond to insulin, a hormone that facilitates the level of blood sugar in your body, making sure it doesn’t get too high or too low. Approximately 30 million people in the US have diabetes and about 34.5 million suffer from […]

  • What To Expect At Your Hearing Health Appointment

    With the technological advancements in medicine, you can dismiss your fears of having to go through any medieval-type of treatments and exams. You have nothing to fear so schedule your hearing check-up today. Here’s what to expect at your appointments. Hearing Exam Your ears will go through a visual exam set to strict and specific […]

  • 4 Tips For Safe Driving With Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss doesn’t automatically disqualify you from being able to legally drive. In most cases, it just means taking extra caution to keep yourself and others on the road safe. Some sounds such as the jingle of a bike crossing the road or the whistle of a traffic officer might be difficult for you to […]

  • When Should I Change My Hearing Aid Battery?

    Hearing aids are a long-term investment so you don’t expect them to be replaced for a few years. However, their batteries don’t last near as long. One battery would last a week on average, but this would depend on several factors. When it’s out of power, your hearing aid is rendered useless until you get […]

  • Hearing Aid Accessories To Spruce Up Your Ears

    Hearing aids are a great invention on their own, but they can be a little boring too. An accessory or two would help in better usage, proper care, integrate it more into your lifestyle, or just more fun. Not sure if you think there are any for you? We’ve got a list of handy accessories […]