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  • Can You Restore Lost Hearing?

    Once someone has hearing loss, particularly from natural and gradual causes, it can’t be restored, but can be improved and the worsening slowed down. Although the condition cannot be healed 100%, it is guaranteed that these methods can help improve your living with your hearing loss. Here are ways that one’s hearing loss can be […]

  • How Does Hearing Loss Impact Relationships?

    Many are aware of hearing loss, but few really know the repercussions of this. What is known by most are that the consequences of this condition is the inability to experience sound in contrast to those without this impairment. What many do not realize is the possible impacts this could have on our social life […]

  • What Is Low Frequency Hearing Loss?

    As opposed to common belief, there are actually different types of hearing loss. The most common and most known type of it is high frequency hearing loss. This in fact, is quite easy to spot as its indicators are quite clear. Being linked to “sensorineural hearing loss,” which is a hearing impairment due to damage […]

  • What Is Hidden Hearing Loss?

    Hearing loss is a disability known to many. What many don’t know is there are various types of hearing loss. A lot of people would picture this condition merely as a person who is totally deaf or as a person who is partially deaf and struggles to hear every single sound that is made. Hidden […]

  • Hearing Loss & Speech Development In Children

    During a child’s first 3 years, they start experiencing the world for the first time through their five senses—touch, taste, smell, hearing and seeing. When children reach their infancy, this is where they start with learning how to cry. As their voice develops, they say their first few words and later on learn how to […]

  • 3 Temporary Causes Of Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss is a real condition that we must be wary of. All of us must strive to protect our ears and its capacity to hear because complications may come along, in different aspects of our life, if we become impaired of this sense. The implications involved are not restricted to merely being unable to […]