Living with Hearing Loss

  • Tinnitus Care

    What Causes Ear Ringing?

    Tinnitus is when there is a sound in your head or ears that isn’t caused by an external source and is mostly associated with hearing loss. In fact, over 50 percent of people who have this condition suffer from minor hearing loss. Here are a few demographics that the ATA estimates: Two million people are […]

  • Wearing Hearing Aids

    Get Used To Wearing Hearing Aids

    Millions of Americans suffer from hearing loss, but with the help of a fitted hearing aid, they can begin to hear again. Although the use of hearing aids assist in amplifying sounds to the auditory canal, they do not reverse the effects of hearing impairment. These devices can take much more getting used to than […]

  • hearing aid types

    Hearing Aid Types Explained

    With dozens of hearing aid types boasting excellent connectivity, it’s now easier than ever to solve a host of hearing problems with a single device. The number of hearing aids on the market can make it hard to determine which type is right for you. That’s why we’ve written this simple guide to help you […]

  • Parent Hearing Aids

    Telling Your Parents They Need Hearing Aids

    It can be difficult to see your parents start to show signs of aging, and hearing loss can be especially difficult. Often, it is hard for people with hearing loss to come to terms with their hearing loss. However, it is important that if your parents are losing their hearing for you to talk to […]

  • Selective Hearing

    Is Selective Hearing Real?

    When you were young did your mother ever complain that you or your siblings had selective hearing? For example, she might ask you to do the dishes and then, 20 minutes later when they weren’t done, she would ask why and you would tell her that you didn’t hear her. Most parents don’t believe their […]

  • Hearing Loss and Water Exposure

    Hearing Loss and Water Exposure

    Swimming is a healthy and fun activity, but if you’re not careful, you could end up with potential hearing loss from exposure to water. Whether you prefer a dip in a pool, ocean or lake, here are some facts and tips on hearing care that you should know. Water Carries Bacteria Bacteria can be found […]