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  • Why Insurance Doesn’t Always Cover Hearing Aids

    As people grow older, especially when they begin to reach their senior year, it is a fact that most of these adults may suffer from hearing loss, which is caused by aging as one of the most common factors followed by constant exposure to noisy environments and other health conditions. When usually being asked on […]

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    How Swimmer’s Ear Can Cause Temporary Hearing Loss

    As humans we all undertake different activities as a part of our lives. These may be for work or for recreational purposes but no matter the reason we all want to perform these as safe as we can. Though some tasks may always have danger involved, we’d always want to minimize the risk the best […]

  • How To Prepare For Your Hearing Health Before Retirement

    There are many of you now anticipating the chance to retire, to just lay back and relax  while looking forward to spending a whole day your grandchildren soon. You may be preparing for this significant phase of your life by getting you finances in order through purchasing a retirement plan, or maybe setting the date […]

  • How Hearing Loss And Falling Are Related

    Hearing loss can be very frustrating as it impedes you from interacting with others and makes it much harder to absorb information. As annoying as this can be, this isn’t the only consequence that comes with this an impairment in perceiving sound. This has also been associated to other complications, including imbalance in a person. […]

  • How To Eliminate Hearing Aid Feedback

    The feedback coming from your hearing aids are nothing short of annoying. Sometimes they may hinder you from performing well your in the middle of something due to the irritation and its effect on your focus. What Is Feedback? Feedback often comes as a whistling sound produced by your hearing aids. This is caused by […]

  • Treatments Of Tinnitus

    Hearing loss isn’t the only possible complication in terms of hearing. There is also something medically termed “tinnitus” which is a latin word for noise. It’s basically when a person appears to be hearing a sound that goes on for a period of time, or at times does not actually cease, without an external stimulus […]