The Relationship Between Hearing Loss & Turner Syndrome

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As parents, it’s only natural that you care about the well-being of your children. For those with daughters, Turner Syndrome may be one condition that you should give some attention to as it is confined to females only. This is a complication where an X chromosome may be missing from your child’s genes. It could lead to their bodies not developing at the same rate as others. 

The symptoms of this differs between each individual, but these are the things you’ll have to look out for: shorter than people her age, bloated hands, and feet, skeletal irregularities, heart problems, high blood pressure, kidney disorders, extra skin on the neck causing a webbed appearance, infertility, and auditory difficulties.

Turner Syndrome and Our Ears

A common effect of Turner Syndrome is the results it has on the ears. There are different cases of hearing ailments that could fall upon a girl due to this. The most common would be Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL) as it is contracted by 90% of those with Turner Syndrome. SNHL is a type of deafness where components of the inner ear are damaged. Luckily, this can easily be solved with the use of hearing aids.

The runner-up would be chronic ear infections that happens to 88 percent of young females with Turner Syndrome. These are caused by bacteria and viruses that result in the swelling of the eardrum. It may be painful but nothing to worry about as long as the necessary medications are taken. Fortunately, this won’t be something that will haunt them for an entire lifetime, as these gradually disappear while these children grow older.

Conductive hearing loss would come in third, as it claims 80 percent of those with Turner Syndrome. It isn’t permanent but could have significant consequences if left ignored.

Diagnosis And Treatment

The symptoms stated above may be able to warn parents, relatives, and peers of a person with Turner Syndrome, but confirmation would require a blood test done by a healthcare professional. A lot of times, doctors may spot this early on during pregnancy, with physical signs seen by ultrasound, or as infants. Most fetuses with this though will not make it to birth.

It is essential to identify this as early as possible so that it may be corrected early on. This is done by administering growth hormones and estrogen replacement therapy. These help the patient acquire better height, breast growth, and monthly menstruations.

For more severe cases, such as heart problems, surgery may have to be done.

Those with hearing complications will have to be routinely checked by professionals who specialize in auditory health. Especially those with chronic ear infections because repeated issues of this may bring about permanent hearing loss. It should then be looked into carefully and treated quickly.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you suspect something is wrong. Sometimes conditions may be subtle and will need you to be more alert and assertive in finding help in identifying it. There are higher chances of catching this quickly when you regularly have your hearing checked. If you haven’t had one yet, make sure you do with a trusted clinic like Beltone DFW. Call us at (888) 958-8432.