2 Options For Upgrading Your Hearing Aids

Hearing loss has been on the rise. Partly due to the popularity of earphones and portable music players, as well as the constant pollution of noise typical of busy cities, the hearing capacity of modern man is suffering. Nowadays, the elderly aren’t the only ones at risk of hearing impairment; the younger generations are also affected, especially since they are more likely to frequent loud places such as clubs and concerts.

Impairments in hearing are more often than not incurable, however the most common solution that ear doctors and hearing specialists prescribe, along with appropriate lifestyle changes, are hearing aids. These gadgets will not recover a person’s hearing, but it helps amplify sound so that it will be more discernible.

Hearing Aids To The Rescue!

For most of those with hearing loss, they owe a lot to hearing aids as it helps them cope with their diminished hearing. However, like any other machine, hearing aids require the occasional maintenance and after some time, an upgrade, especially if the model is damaged or outdated. But how will you know that it’s time to grab a new pair? Pay attention to these signs in order to know if your hearing aids are due for a replacement:

-Your hearing aids are not working properly anymore.

-Your hearing aids constantly produce feedback or a buzzing or whistling sound.

-It is difficult to hear phone calls or speech in noisy places.

-It is frustrating to use your pair of hearing aids.

-You want a newer, more advanced model.

Fortunately for those who are considering a new pair, hearing aids have seen its share of technological advancement. Unlike the old analog-type models, the latest hearing aids are now smaller, to the point that it’s practically invisible. Aside from that, newer models of hearing aids contain a microcomputer that are more responsive to noises in the environment, effectively eliminating those annoying echoes and feedback as well as clarifying speech.

When you finally decide to get a new pair of hearing aids, there are two models you may want to consider:

Oticon Opn

The Oticon Opn is a renowned model famous for its BrainHearing technology, which detects the sounds that you can’t hear very well and boosts it while reducing sounds from other sources.

The Oticon Opn can also be programmed to communicate with doorbells or alarms. For instance, a signal can be sent to your hearing aid to alert you that the doorbell was rung or a fire alarm went off. With that feature alone, this model can be extremely helpful as alertness to hazardous situations is one thing of which people with hearing loss are deprived.

ReSound ENZO

On the other hand, the ReSound ENZO, another famous model, can link to your iPhone so you can directly hear your phone calls and music, among others, all from your hearing aids. Although it is more expensive than the usual brands, the ReSound ENZO is designed primarily for those with severe hearing loss.

Despite the expense, the newer hearing aids provide significantly better hearing correction than the older models with some nifty features to boot! The number of people suffering from hearing loss keeps increasing, but at least we have better gadgets to cope with the disability. To find out more about the latest technology in hearing aids, contact Beltone DFW at (888) 958-8432. We can get you hooked up with the best aid for you!