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  • Beltone DFW | Hearing Loss & Driving

    4 Tips For Safe Driving With Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss doesn’t automatically disqualify you from being able to legally drive. In most cases, it just means taking extra caution to keep yourself and others on the road safe. Some sounds such as the jingle of a bike crossing the road or the whistle of a traffic officer might be difficult for you to […]

  • Beltone DFW | Hearing Aid Battery

    When Should I Change My Hearing Aid Battery?

    Hearing aids are a long-term investment so you don’t expect them to be replaced for a few years. However, their batteries don’t last near as long. One battery would last a week on average, but this would depend on several factors. When it’s out of power, your hearing aid is rendered useless until you get […]

  • Beltone DFW | Hearing Aid Accessories

    Hearing Aid Accessories To Spruce Up Your Ears

    Hearing aids are a great invention on their own, but they can be a little boring too. An accessory or two would help in better usage, proper care, integrate it more into your lifestyle, or just more fun. Not sure if you think there are any for you? We’ve got a list of handy accessories […]

  • Beltone DFW | Bluetooth

    Is Bluetooth Capability Necessary For My Hearing Aids?

    You’re upgrading to the latest iPhone, you’re getting the newest flat screen TV with the best resolution and wifi-capability for better Netflix-viewing, and you’re sure to get that latest Starbucks planner. But do your hearing aids need to get that Bluetooth feature upgrade? Before you decide on whether you should get it or not, let’s […]

  • 5 Facts About Protecting Your Hearing

    There are many myths that surround hearing loss and hearing protection. In order to do away with the incorrect information floating around, let’s take a look at the facts about hearing protection that you don’t know and put the myths to bed. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) Is Caused By Excessive Noise About 30 million American […]

  • 3 Health Effects of Hearing Loss

    Depending on the severity of hearing loss, it can affect a person’s life mildly to greatly. Most hearing aid users usually take a decade before looking for treatment for their hearing loss. One of the most common reasons is “my hearing’s not that bad.” This is true, but over the years hearing loss worsens, and, […]

  • 4 Myths About Hearing Loss That Are Not True

    Unfortunately there are a lot of rumors out there about hearing loss that are simply incorrect. Let’s debunk some common misconceptions here. Primary Care Physicians diagnose hearing loss. Here’s the thing: only about 14 percent of primary care doctors actually screen for hearing loss. Just because your doctor hasn’t mentioned it doesn’t mean you aren’t […]

  • 3 Types of Headphones To Prevent Hearing Loss

    Whenever our environment is too loud or we need some time with our favorite music, we hook up our audio gadgets and listen with headphones. Too much exposure to headphones can cause hearing loss, but only when you turn up the volume higher than the recommended average that is safe for your ears. In fact, […]

  • Surgical Options For Hearing Loss

    There are many surgical options for different types and causes of hearing loss. Surgical treatments for many ear disorders and temporal bone are readily available aside from medical treatments. Below are the common surgeries performed in the ears:   Radiosurgery/Radiotherapy Radiosurgery is a good option for treating temporal bone and other ear disorders. A highly […]