January 2017

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  • Are You Facing Age-Related Hearing Loss?

    As we get older, we experience some significant changes in our bodily functions. Naturally, our body gets weaker, leading to slower movements and decreased effectiveness. And many of our senses begin to become less reliable than they were for most of our lives. One of the things that usually comes with age is hearing loss. […]

  • Is Your Medication Contributing to Hearing Loss?

    According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA), over 200 medicines sold on the market nowadays can cause hearing loss. These are what you call ototoxic medications. These supplements and medications can potentially damage your hearing. The damage can either be temporary or permanent. The risk depends on how much of these medications you take in. […]

  • Does Electronic Hearing Protection Work?

    In everyday life, we perceive different sounds with varying degrees of loudness, but did you know that constant exposure to sounds louder than the average human threshold of 85 decibels damages our sense of hearing? Even just one instance of exposure to a sound that is far too loud for us is enough to cause […]

  • Five Tips When Shopping For Hearing Aids

    Similar to any other state-of-the-art technology that is booming, hearing aids have found their place in the market. A hearing aid is as valuable as any other gadgets like your smartphone or laptop. Various types of hearing aids are reproduced each year, and the technology is constantly advancing. The availability of choices is bottomless and […]