April 2017

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  • Tips For Talking To The Hearing Impaired

    Communication is a difficult task for people suffering from hearing loss. People must use good communication strategies to help the hearing impaired understand the dialogue better. Below are some communication tips for interacting with the hearing impaired:   Get the Person’s Attention   Get your listener’s attention first before you start speaking to ensure they […]

  • 5 Questions To Ask My Audiologist

    Hearing health is important to all of us and our best advocate to maintain our hearing health is an audiologist. The audiologist will help us take good care of our sense of hearing. They are the only ones who can answer your hearing concerns accurately. Different people differ in their hearing level and hearing problems. […]

  • The Dangers of Living With Untreated Hearing Loss

    A lot of people suffering from hearing loss are somewhat hesitant to address it. The disability is usually seen as a weakness, which in turn creates a feeling of embarrassment. Many would rather deny it and simply find ways to compensate for it like asking people to repeat themselves or turning up the volume. However, […]

  • Can Certain Foods Help With Hearing Health?

    Hearing impairment, to varying degrees, affects a lot of us today. Aside from aging, there are a multitude of stressors and noises in our environment, making it extremely difficult, if not impossible to evade the damages to our hearing. Besides adopting a lifestyle that decreases noise and other factors that harm your ears, there are […]