May 2017

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  • Understanding Sensorineural Hearing Loss

    Have you experienced instances where you suddenly lose your sense of hearing? If yes, you might be suffering from sensorineural hearing loss. What Is It? Sensorineural hearing loss refers to the diminishment of one’s ability to hear due to damages in the inner ear (particularly the cochlea’s hair cells) or in the neural pathways that […]

  • When Should You Change Your Hearing Aids?

    Like any other device, your hearing aids need proper maintenance. The technical components inside your hearing aids could eventually get clogged up with debris, wax, and moisture. This is something that will happen. But you can always delay their “demise” with proper care and cleaning. It is just unfortunate that there are those who just […]

  • Four Places Where You Are Damaging Your Hearing

    Noise-induced hearing loss (NIHL) occurs sequentially over time by persistently listening to loud music from headphones and presenting yourself to loud and noisy environments. Sounds beyond 85 decibels are damaging to our sense of hearing. Fortunately, you can prevent noise-induced hearing loss by minimizing the volumes of your gadgets and avoiding exposure to noisy surroundings […]