June 2017

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  • The Latest Advances In Hearing Aid Technology

    The technology for hearing aids is no longer what it was a couple of decades back. It has immensely improved and is now more focused not only on hearing enhancement, but also on comfort, design, and features that match the user’s lifestyle. Based on the processor’s performance, a hearing aid’s technology can either be basic […]

  • Communicating With Hearing Loss

    Communication is an essential part of our existence. We use communication to interact with others around us and express ourselves to them. If a person has hearing loss, their ability to communicate becomes impaired as well, especially when undetected. That doesn’t mean however, that a person cannot learn to communicate if he or she has […]

  • 2 Options For Upgrading Your Hearing Aids

    Hearing loss has been on the rise. Partly due to the popularity of earphones and portable music players, as well as the constant pollution of noise typical of busy cities, the hearing capacity of modern man is suffering. Nowadays, the elderly aren’t the only ones at risk of hearing impairment; the younger generations are also […]

  • How To Live With Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss is frustrating. However, it doesn’t mean you have to change your lifestyle and give up the activities you love. There are still ways to efficiently cope with hearing loss without letting it affect your everyday routine. The most important step in coping with hearing loss is acknowledging its existence and accepting its reality. […]