July 2017

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  • Where Could You Be Damaging Your Hearing?

    Knowing about hearing loss makes us all think about which places we could possibly be more susceptible to it. It is already a known fact that sounds that go beyond 85 decibels, and a prolonged exposure to these sounds can gradually damage one’s hearing. Below is a list of places that will contribute to hearing […]

  • 3 Types Of Hearing Protection

    Our hearing is a unique sense that is irreplaceable. Therefore, protecting it must be our first priority. There are different types of hearing protection available in the market nowadays. Before you purchase one, it will be an advantage if you know what type of hearing protection you should be looking for exactly and for what […]

  • How Headphones Contribute To Hearing Loss

    A large population of teens and children wear headsets nowadays. The alarming thing is they expose themselves to loud music over a long period of time. Overexposure to loud music coming from headphones can result in hearing loss, and the number one population affected by it are children and teens. How Loud Should It Be? […]

  • 3 Issues Caused By Swimmer’s Ear

    Swimmer’s Ear, or otitis externa as known by the medical community, is a common outer ear condition that results from infection, irritation, or inflammation. One may acquire this condition if moisture is trapped in his or her ear, as it cultivates a habitat conducive for harmful bacteria. This is a common happenstance among swimmers, hence […]