August 2017

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  • Do Hearing Aids Cause Hearing Loss?

    This has been a concern for quite a while now. Is it really a fact or just plain old myth that needs to be debunked? Hearing aids are designed to help hearing loss, and every dispenser is fitted properly by an audiologist to the right amplification for the patient. Even though hearing aids have noise […]

  • 3 Main Causes of Sudden Hearing Loss

    If you notice an instantaneous hearing loss in one ear, you may be experiencing sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSHL), also known as sudden deafness. In medical explanation, it’s when your hearing drops 30 decibels or more in three connected frequencies. In the majority of cases, only one ear is mostly affected, but there are cases […]

  • How To Communicate With The Hearing Impaired

    Communicating to a person with a hearing disability should be done in a convenient and understandable manner. Sign language is not the only way to communicate with them. Follow the simple steps below to achieve effective communication with your hard of hearing friends and family using other creative yet simple to comprehend methods. Get Their […]