October 2017

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  • 3 Types of Headphones To Prevent Hearing Loss

    Whenever our environment is too loud or we need some time with our favorite music, we hook up our audio gadgets and listen with headphones. Too much exposure to headphones can cause hearing loss, but only when you turn up the volume higher than the recommended average that is safe for your ears. In fact, […]

  • Surgical Options For Hearing Loss

    There are many surgical options for different types and causes of hearing loss. Surgical treatments for many ear disorders and temporal bone are readily available aside from medical treatments. Below are the common surgeries performed in the ears:   Radiosurgery/Radiotherapy Radiosurgery is a good option for treating temporal bone and other ear disorders. A highly […]

  • How Are Memory Loss And Hearing Loss Related?

    Aging can bring about many kinds of complications, from decreasing mobility to diminishing senses like hearing loss, cardiovascular complications and neurological issues like memory loss and Alzheimer’s. In some cases, these can be interrelated; for example, if a diabetic’s condition worsens with age then complications can include retinopathy (damage to the retinas) as well as […]

  • Online Resources For Learning Sign Language

    Communication is absolutely essential to day-to-day interactions. Those with hearing disabilities or who have loved ones who are hard of hearing can also learn how to communicate effectively by taking ASL classes. By doing so, they’d be able to relay their feelings and enjoy a good conversation with everyone. The good thing is self-paced learning […]