October 2019

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  • Diplacusis

    What is Diplacusis?

    Your ears have an intricate working mechanism that collects sounds from several sources and processes them. The auditory system transfers the sounds to your brain, where it makes decisions based on the sound received. Typically, your ears receive sounds in various pitches. Some people report certain abnormalities in how they receive the sound. Today we […]

  • Will Hearing Aids Make Tinnitus Worse

    Can Hearing Aids Make Tinnitus Worse?

    There are those who believe a medical condition known as tinnitus can be exacerbated through the usage of hearing aids. At Beltone Dallas-Fort Worth, we invite our clients and prospective customers to read the following short blog addressing tinnitus and addressing how tinnitus might be impacted by hearing assistance devices. Tinnitus Overview Tinnitus is a […]

  • Meniere's Disease

    Can Hearing Aids Help with Meniere’s Disease?

    The inner ear is not only important for hearing. The labyrinth, a fluid-filled part of the inner ear adjacent to the cochlea (the hearing organ), is a critical component of our vestibular system, which works with our visual and skeletal systems to maintain our balance. When the inner ear is damaged or is operating dysfunctionally, […]

  • Binaural Hearing

    What is Binaural Hearing?

    Binaural hearing is an attribute everyone hopes to possess. However, aging or specific medical issues might threaten your capability to achieve or maintain this benefit. Beltone Dallas Fort Worth invites customers and prospective clients to read the following short piece about binaural hearing and the role hearing aids may play in helping you attain it. […]