December 2019

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  • Beltone Amaze Hearing Aids

    Rechargeable Beltone Hearing Aids

    Hearing difficulties can strike persons of any age for a variety of reasons. In many instances, diminished audio capacity can be traced to age. However, various illnesses can precipitate hearing loss in younger individuals. Fortunately, devices known as hearing aids might improve the audio abilities of those impacted. Hearing aids work by amplifying the vibrations […]

  • Benefits of Hearing Aids

    How Hearing Loss Impact Elders

    Hearing loss is a common health concern among elders. Researchers estimate that nearly one out of every three persons between the ages of 65 and 74 have some degree of diminished hearing. In individuals aged 75 and up, the numbers rise as much as 50%. Despite its frequency, diminished hearing capacity can exert several significant […]

  • Tinnitus Calmer App

    4 Tips to Improve Your Sleep with Tinnitus

    Trying to sleep when you have tinnitus isn’t always easy. Your health and hearing care rely on you being able to get good sleep. There are few things you can do to help improve your sleep with tinnitus. Sound Masking Covering up the sound of tinnitus with other sounds is among the most popular methods […]