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  • New Years Resolutions

    Healthy Hearing: 2021 New Year’s Resolutions

    We can all agree that a new year is especially welcomed in 2021. The start of a new year brings the opportunity to make a fresh start and commit to better choices. New Year Resolutions are a great way to hold ourselves accountable for improving our relationships, finances, and most commonly, our health. The key […]

  • Holiday Gift Ideas

    4 Gift Ideas for Hearing Aid Wearers

    Giving gifts during the holiday season is a sure way to warm the hearts of family and friends. If your loved one is hard of hearing, you understand the difficulties that can come when giving them gifts. Don’t stress this holiday season; try out some of these fun gift ideas that your friends and family […]

  • Holiday Travel

    Holiday Traveling Tips with Hearing Aids

    The holiday season is practically here, which means many of you will be traveling to see family. Since travel is a little more stressful when you have to wear a hearing aid, here are a few easy tips that should prove useful. See a Hearing Specialist Before you travel anywhere this holiday season, speak to […]

  • How to Host a Hearing-Friendly Holiday Dinner

    The holidays are just around the corner, and the chances are good that you’ll have at least one guest with some hearing loss. Since you should be accommodating to all of your guests and make sure they are all comfortable, we have some helpful tips to help you put together a hearing-friendly holiday gathering. Use […]

  • Hearing Aids with Bluetooth

    Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Capability

    Technology has come a long way since the days when it was often difficult or impossible to listen to personal audio devices like MP3 players or mobile phones with hearing aids in. Today, Beltone Dallas Fort Worth offers selections outfitted with Beltone hearing aid technology that allows for Bluetooth connectivity. Plus, the selections available from […]

  • Balance and Hearing Loss

    Does Hearing Loss in One Ear Affect Balance?

    Our hearing does not just impact our ability to hear a conversation or listen to music. Hearing also affects our sense of space. When hearing loss occurs, our balance can be severely impacted. The ability to walk and stand are critical functions in life. When ears no longer work together so that you can properly […]

  • Holiday Hearing Care

    5 Holiday Hearing Care Tips

    The holidays are upon us where we can’t wait to relax, have fun, and enjoy some good company. Holidays present the perfect time to socialize, travel to new places, and experience exciting moments with our loved ones. If you are preparing for the approaching holidays, you might want to adequately prepare and ensure you get […]

  • Handling Hearing Loss

    Handling Hearing Loss During the Holidays

    When the holiday season arrives, you usually find yourself looking forward to getting together with your friends and family to celebrate. However, if you are one of the millions of Americans negatively affected by hearing loss or hearing issues, this can be a difficult time to navigate. The holiday season is a time when you […]

  • Upper Respiratory Infections

    How Can Upper Respiratory Infections Affect Tinnitus?

    Respiratory conditions can be scary. Not only can they come on acutely and urgently, but they can also last much longer than anticipated and have wide-reaching effects that many people may not know about. One of those effects is tinnitus. While that seems like a foreign and terrifying word, it is actually used to describe […]

  • Hearing Aid Batteries

    Do Hearing Aid Batteries Expire?

    New hearing aids offer rechargeable batteries that can last up to five years. Knowing what factors affect your battery’s lifespan and the practices you can do to extend their lives is the key to ensuring you always are listening at the most optimal level throughout the day. The Factors That Influence Lifespan Regardless of whether […]