April 2020

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  • Auditory Processing Disorder

    Signs of Auditory Processing Disorder in Adults

    Auditory processing disorder (APD) is a condition that affects our ability to understand speech. Adults with APD often struggle to distinguish similar sounds. Although the cause is unknown, there are possible links to premature birth, head injuries, ear infections, nervous system diseases, and genetics. One symptom that alerts us that we might have APD is […]

  • Common Hearing Aid Questions

    5 Common Hearing Aid Questions

    If you are considering hearing aids, it can be quite challenging trying to adjust to the idea. Most people are well aware of how hearing aids work in principle but not in practice. While the hearing loss journey can be confusing, hearing aids are supposed to make the journey more comfortable and welcoming. For this […]

  • Hearing Loss Myths

    Hearing Loss Myths

    Approximately 20 percent of America’s population have hearing loss. In fact, it’s estimated that over 48 million people, of various ages, are living with some degree of hearing loss. Hearing loss happens has a variety of causes; some temporary and others permanent. Sadly, a lot of people ignore their hearing loss out of embarrassment. They […]

  • Choose Hearing Aid

    5 Common Hearing Aid Side Effects

    If you suffer from hearing loss, a hearing aid can connect you with the people in your life. It improves relationships, experiences and job performance. However, if you are new to wearing them, you may have some issues. Fortunately, these are easily overcome. Ears Feel Full or Uncomfortable If you’re just starting to wear hearing […]