May 2020

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  • Hearing Loss in Children

    Understanding Hearing Loss in Children

    Unfortunately, hearing loss in children is a significant health issue in the United States. Statistics compiled by the National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, sometimes abbreviated as the NIDCD, concluded that two out of every three children are born with some type of diminished hearing in one or both ears. Moreover, information compiled […]

  • Ear Infection

    What Causes Ear Infections?

    Though ear infections are often thought of as ailments that primarily impact children, ear infections can strike adults as well. Moreover, if left untreated, ear infections have the potential to precipitate discernible complications. Ear Infection This condition usually occurs when a virus or bacteria infiltrates bodily structures known as Eustachian tubes, which connects to your […]

  • Hearing Loss

    Can Heart Disease Cause Hearing Loss?

    Heart health remains an important factor in everyone’s daily life. But did you know that your heart’s health can affect your hearing as well as many other significant areas of your well-being? Read on to learn more about hearing loss and heart disease. Does Heart Health Affect Your Ability to Hear? Recently, researchers discovered that […]