June 2020

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  • Untreated Hearing Loss

    The Dangers of Living With Untreated Hearing Loss

    Hearing loss can lead to many serious consequences if it is not treated and mitigated. Hearing loss can affect your social life, your health and also your emotional well-being. If you are experiencing hearing loss, what are the repercussions and how can you seek help? Changes to the Brain Hearing loss that is not monitored […]

  • Allergies and Hearing

    Can Allergies Cause Hearing Problems?

    The middle ear contains the tiny bones that conduct sound waves to the brain. It is connected to the back of the throat by a tube called the Eustachian tube which drains fluid from the middle ear. If the back of the throat swells due to allergies, the tube does too. As a result, the […]

  • Ask Your Audiologist

    5 Questions to Ask Your Audiologist

    When you are experiencing hearing issues, you go to your audiologist. They are there to assist in assessing your hearing and recommending devices that can enhance your everyday hearing capability. During your visit with an audiologist, you should ask these questions. What Will My Hearing Exam Be Like? If this will be your first visit […]

  • Understanding Tinnitus

    Understanding Tinnitus and How It Affects Hearing

    Tinnitus is one of the most bothersome ailments you can have and most often sounds like a ringing in your ears. For some, it goes on without a stop. For others, it can occur once in a while. Either way, it seems there is nothing that can help stop the constant noise. It affects nearly […]