3 Temporary Causes Of Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss is a real condition that we must be wary of. All of us must strive to protect our ears and its capacity to hear because complications may come along, in different aspects of our life, if we become impaired of this sense.

The implications involved are not restricted to merely being unable to perceive sound as to what many might think. This disability has impacted people in their social life. Many report of detaching themselves from friends and relationships getting damaged as a result of the incapability for proper communications. Work life also takes a toll, as the hearing impaired become unable to comprehend properly information being relayed to them. This results to poor performance and bonds between associates to deteriorate.

If you are suffering from hearing loss, there is a chance that it is temporary. This means, after a brief period of time, your hearing will most likely be back to normal.


Earwax’s role is to safeguard the ear canals, provide lubrication and to stave off bacteria, fungi, insects and water from entering and causing harm.

Its production is normal and its presence is surely not something to be worried about, but there are times where there is an excess amount of this substance. This can clog up the passages where sound was supposed to enter, thus causing hearing loss.

The best way to solve this is through a visit with a specialist and have them wash away the accumulated earwax.

If you are not experiencing this but wish to prevent it from happening, you can refer to a healthcare professional about this for advice. There are options people can take to avert this, and the process involves keeping this substance soft enough so it can freely run its natural course outside your ear.

Loud Noise

Your ears may be there for you to recognize sounds, but you should be cautious when exposing it to overly loud noises. To be precise, sounds at 85 decibels and above are already considered to be detrimental to a person’s auditory system.

The amount of damage though differs, depending on the loudness and length of time a person is subject to a certain sound. Short bursts of extremely powerful noises can cause temporary hearing loss. When this happens, immediately leave the area in which the noise is present. This is because the longer you undergo this circumstance, the higher the chance of this becoming a permanent condition.

Ear Infection

Viruses and colds can lead to middle ear infections. When this happens fluids could amass within as a result of your body trying to fight back. The overabundance of these fluids could culminate to a ruptured eardrum.

The eardrum is an essential component to the auditory system, so when this faces damage, you could very much expect your hearing to decline.

Not to worry though, though this may hurt for quite a while but it will heal itself provided that you rid yourself of the infection.

If your hearing loss seems to be permanent though, see a professional about this. Not to worry as to the setbacks associated to hearing impairment, which were mentioned earlier, are not mandatory to all those with the disability and can be avoided. This is achieved through hearing aids or surgery for more severe cases. To find out the specifics of your hearing loss, schedule an appointment with Beltone DFW at (888) 958-8432.