3 Tips For Talking To Your Loved Ones About Hearing Loss

  1. Beltone DFW | Hearing Loss

Telling someone with a hearing impairment that it’s time for a trip to the doctor can be a sensitive topic. That person may be in denial or doesn’t fully grasp the severity of the problem as hearing loss can happen gradually over time. The individual might not have noticed the changes of their ability to perceive sound. If the person in question is an elderly person, they may find that admitting to lapses in hearing may be like admitting old age.

No matter the reason they may have, you know that getting their ears checked and then taking the necessary actions to alleviate this problem, is the right thing to do.

Put Yourself In Their Shoes

Don’t just show sympathy but also show empathy. Try to be in their place and see things from their perspective. Be patient with them when trying to convince them to see a doctor or specialist. They may put up a fight and deny anything wrong with them as much as possible, but always learn to keep your cool. Keep in mind this is a delicate issue and insulting won’t make things better. When finding the right timing, see to it that it’s during a happy atmosphere, which is why holidays and occasions are the best time to talk to them about this problem. Also look for a quiet and more private place. Position yourself beside them. Standing or sitting across has a natural psychological impact of confrontation or comes across as being argumentative.

Talk About Pros Rather Than Cons

Speak to them of the benefits of getting their hearing problems diagnosed and treated rather than telling them the disadvantages. Do this by presenting significant and personal examples, such as “You’ll be able to hear your child’s first words.” A person in denial is in that emotional state because they’re overwhelmed by the negativity. Adding more negative things, such as telling them cons of not getting a check-up, will only lead to more denial. Instead give them something positive to look forward to if they finally take up the offer you made to take a visit to the doctor.

Offer To Take The Consultation With Them

Nothing is better than having the support of the people you love. Tell them you’ll go with them and have your hearing checked, too. In fact, if this were a person in your family, have your whole family scheduled for a check up with them! Though they may not necessarily admit it, this would be something they surely appreciate. Having someone with you when you’re going through a rough time helps make things easier to face.

Always know that hearing is important to a person’s overall health and well being. When a person you love is experiencing difficulties in hearing, ensure it’s treated immediately. Remember it could still go badly, but in the long run, they’d value the fact someone important to them approached them about it rather than some confrontational stranger.

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