3 Types Of Hearing Protection

Our hearing is a unique sense that is irreplaceable. Therefore, protecting it must be our first priority. There are different types of hearing protection available in the market nowadays. Before you purchase one, it will be an advantage if you know what type of hearing protection you should be looking for exactly and for what purpose. Below are three types of hearing protection.

Disposable Earplugs

The disposable earplugs block out a lot of noise and have a Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 21 – 33, depending on their structure. Aside from being inexpensive, it is convenient to use in narrow areas and can be associated easily with other personal protective equipment or PPE. Because it is small, it is easy to carry and is comfortable for long periods of usage.

However, some people find the device hard to fit properly. It can also cause minor irritation in the ear canal if there is not good hygienic practice. It can also contribute wax impaction, or cerumen. If you are not careful, you can easily misplace it.

Ear Muffs

The ear muffs have NRR ratings of 22-31. They come in various shapes, colors, and functions. And since they are big, they are less likely to be misplaced and can easily be put on and taken off. You can replace any specific parts like tension headbands, cushions, and so much more when they wear out.

Ear muffs are more expensive compared to the disposable ear plugs. And because of its big size, sometimes it is inconvenient to carry it around. Prolonged usage of the device can also produce irritating heat build-up in your ears.  They are also less convenient to use with other PPEs, but can be worn with ear plugs for further protection.

Custom Ear Plugs

Custom ear plugs are designed to fit your ears specifically. They usually have NRR ratings from 25-29. And because its design is customized for your fit, it is easy and comfortable to wear around. They usually last up to 3-5 years approximately. You are given a remake warranty by most manufacturers. Just like the disposable ear plugs, they can easily be used together with other PPEs and are convenient to use even for a long period of time. Lastly, they come in multiple options like different shapes, colors, styles, sizes, solid, or filtered.

As much as custom ear plugs come in a lot of benefits, they also have a few disadvantages. Some of them are costly and you have to have a professional conduct an ear impression. Then you have to wait for the finished product. It is also easy to misplace them. A few side effects are possible discomforts if you do not observe proper hygiene customs when handling them.

It would be best to consult your ear specialist before you purchase any of these products. Tell them what your intended use for the product is. Is it for daily use or for something specific? They will help you determine what type of hearing protection suits your intended use for it. Do you need more helpful tips and advice on hearing protection? Come and visit us here at Beltone DFW or call us at (888) 958-8432 and talk with one of our experts!