4 Gift Ideas for Hearing Aid Wearers

  1. Holiday Gift Ideas

Giving gifts during the holiday season is a sure way to warm the hearts of family and friends. If your loved one is hard of hearing, you understand the difficulties that can come when giving them gifts. Don’t stress this holiday season; try out some of these fun gift ideas that your friends and family members with hearing aids will be sure to love.

Digital Doorbell

Though digital doorbells were originally designed for safety reasons, they are the perfect gift for those with hearing aids. A digital doorbell works by using wifi to connect to the homeowner’s phone. When a visitor rings the doorbell, a message is sent immediately to the phone. The user can then see who is at the door and communicate with the visitor until the door is opened.

Television Soundbar

Many people faced with hearing loss give up on watching television with others. This is because they may need the sound turned up to a volume that others aren’t comfortable with to hear the sounds on the television. A soundbar is a slim device that sits below the TV. It can dramatically improve the audio quality without having to install multiple speakers around the room.

Vibrating Alarm Clock

Don’t let your loved ones risk being late for an important appointment. If your friend or family member with hearing loss tends to sleep through their alarm, consider getting him or her a vibrating alarm clock. Vibrating alarm clocks work by connecting to a cell phone. When the clock is set, the user can place the alarm under their pillow. When it goes off, it will vibrate, make a loud alert, or both. This will help ensure your loved one doesn’t sleep through their alarm. Another option is an alarm clock that glows, filling the room with light, and helping users to wake up naturally.

Dolls with Hearing Aids

If you are looking to buy a gift for your child or grandchild who is hearing impaired, you may consider getting him or her a doll with hearing aids. Children love to feel connected to their world through toys. Having a doll with hearing aids can help them feel included and connected as they play with friends.

Let Us Help with Your Hearing Needs

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