5 Holiday Hearing Care Tips

  1. Holiday Hearing Care

The holidays are upon us where we can’t wait to relax, have fun, and enjoy some good company. Holidays present the perfect time to socialize, travel to new places, and experience exciting moments with our loved ones. If you are preparing for the approaching holidays, you might want to adequately prepare and ensure you get the best out of it. Part of the preparations includes taking care of your hearing aids and hearing capabilities, as discussed below:

Ensure your hearing aids are in proper working condition

Your hearing aids deserve some care and attention. Consider taking them for professional cleaning and maintenance to ensure you are sorted throughout the holidays. You don’t want to miss the latest family gossip. Invest in the latest accessories and batteries as part of the preparation process.

Protect your hearing aids

Similarly to how you protect your ears from external elements such as wind or water, you should also protect your hearing aids. Consider wearing earmuffs, hats, or scarves to protect your hearing aids from these destructive elements. Cut off all potential entry points that may make way for moisture to get to your hearing aids and its batteries.

Assemble your hearing aids kit

If you plan to travel this holiday, it would be wise to invest and assemble your hearing aids kit. Pack extra batteries, hearing aids cleaning kit, extra tubing, additional hearing aids, and a dehumidifier. Carry your hearing aids kit everywhere you go.

Party strategically

Hearing loss shouldn’t be the reason why you don’t enjoy parties with friends and family during the holidays. You can still enjoy consistent communication with your loved ones while still sharpening your socialization skills with hearing aids. Choose an excellent sitting position where you can follow multiple conversations without being distracted by the music or background noise. You could also choose to follow one conversation at a time; it’s better than nothing.

Speak up

You shouldn’t be ashamed of letting people know of your hearing loss. This should give you the consideration you deserve from your loved ones. Give people polite reminders to slow down and keep eye contact when talking to you. You could also ask them to speak up a bit loudly. Communicate with the host to inquire if they can turn down the background noise. Communicating your concerns and requests will help you get through the holidays seamlessly.

We want to help you get through the holidays in merry and happiness. Contact a specialist at Beltone Dallas Fort Worth today for all your hearing loss concerns.