5 Interesting Facts About Hearing Aids

  1. Hearing Aid Facts

Several studies have indicated that almost 466 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. Hearing aids are crucial in improving speech comprehension and the hearing of individuals. Loss of hearing could be due to hair cells’ damage, tiny sensory cells found in the inner ear. This kind of loss is known as sensorineural hearing loss. The damage often occurs due to aging, injury, disease, noise, or side effects of certain medicines.

Hearing aids magnify the sound vibrations entering the ears. Undamaged hair cells detect the vibrations and transform them into neural signals passed to the brain. Here are five interesting facts about hearing aids that you should know.

Hearing Aids Are Not Only for the Elderly

Age indeed is one of the largest contributors to hearing loss. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that almost 466 million people worldwide suffer from hearing loss. WHO further estimates that children make up 7% of this population.

Additional studies also indicate that around 1.1 billion persons between the ages of 12 to 35 might be at an increased danger of hearing loss due to noise exposure in recreational areas.

You Can Buy Customized Hearing Aids

The availability of online shopping has made life simpler. However, you shouldn’t purchase your hearing aids online if you want to maximize their potential and ensure that they are a perfect fit. Your hearing specialist should always customize your hearing aid because they understand your condition well.

While purchasing your hearing aids online might be cheaper, you won’t get the care and attention you need by not visiting a hearing specialist at Beltone.

Hearing Aids Will Not Affect Your Lifestyle

Hearing aids available in the market have been designed to suit all lifestyles. For example, if you spend a lot of time on your phone, you can get hearing aids that are Bluetooth-compatible to pair with your phone. If you work out regularly, you can get water-resistant hearing aids that won’t be damaged by sweat.

Hearing Aids Won’t Cure Hearing Loss

A hearing aid will help improve your quality of life, but it will not cure hearing loss. It can help you feel connected to your loved ones by helping you keep up with conversations without the struggle to hear.

Hearing Aids Can Help Treat Mild Hearing Loss

You should get a hearing aid even if you have mild hearing loss. If left untreated, a mild hearing loss could affect your brain’s capability of remembering everyday sounds. The sounds might be unrecognizable if you wait for your situation to worsen before seeking treatment.

You should contact Beltone Dallas Fort Worth if you or your loved ones suffer from hearing loss. We have a team of qualified hearing aid specialists who can attend to your needs and answer your questions.