5 Questions To Ask My Audiologist

Hearing health is important to all of us and our best advocate to maintain our hearing health is an audiologist. The audiologist will help us take good care of our sense of hearing. They are the only ones who can answer your hearing concerns accurately. Different people differ in their hearing level and hearing problems. Here are some of the questions you must not forget to ask your audiologist:

What is involved in a typical hearing examination?


Before you step into your audiologist’s clinic, it is important that you ask your audiologist what is involved in a typical hearing examination. Audiologists usually interrogate their patients about their medical history, past surgeries, or hereditary conditions which may or may not have affected their hearing conditions. Then the audiologist will examine both the internal and external parts of your ears to check for any signs of trauma or infections.

How will I prevent further hearing damage?


A lot of people think that once they acquire mild hearing loss, they can’t stop it from worsening. However, there are preventive measures to to take to avoid causing extra damage to your hearing. Avoid surroundings with loud noises, do not expose yourself to loud sound, and most of all seek additional advice from your audiologist. Living a healthy lifestyle is also helpful in the process.

Is there emergency assistance?


Emergency assistance is really important. Once your hearing aids are damaged or get lost, immediate assistance is needed. Asking your audiologist if they offer emergency assistance is a great help for you when you encounter situations like these. Do not forget to ask when the best time to schedule an appointment is with them in case something like that happens.

How is my hearing ability?


After your typical hearing examination and the audiologist is done evaluating your ears, ask them what their findings are. Ask them how your hearing ability is. Is it permanent or temporary? Is it severe or mild? Tell your audiologist to provide you with the specific details in a simple manner understandable by patients like you. Your audiologist will be able to explain to you the hearing changes you are undergoing, the cause of your hearing loss, and give you advice in general.

Are there options for my hearing assistance?


Since everyone has different levels of hearing loss, the hearing device given to you will depend on your hearing condition. Your audiologist will identify whether you’ll need hearing aids, what type of hearing aids, or if you’ll need cochlear implants as well. They will also recommend Hearing Assistive Devices which suit your needs like conference microphones, captioned telephones, and much more. Don’t hesitate to ask your audiologist which ones are compatible with your hearing aids and are best suited for your lifestyle.


Don’t be hesitant to ask your audiologist about the information you need. Asking them these questions will help you understand not only your situation, but also the benefits you can get from their service. Need more professional advice? Call Beltone DFW at (888) 958-8432 for an opportunity to consult with one of our hearing professionals. We’d love to hear from you!