What Causes Ear Ringing?

  1. Tinnitus Care

Tinnitus is when there is a sound in your head or ears that isn’t caused by an external source and is mostly associated with hearing loss. In fact, over 50 percent of people who have this condition suffer from minor hearing loss.

Here are a few demographics that the ATA estimates:

  • Two million people are almost completely debilitated to the point they can’t function properly.
  • About 50 million people have this condition to a certain degree.
  • 16 million people have rather severe symptoms that require hearing care.

What are the causes?

There is a wide array of health conditions that can either cause or worsen symptoms. However, most of the time, hearing care specialists are unable to find an exact cause.

One of the most common causes of this condition is when the inner ear hair has cell damage. The tiny hairs in your ears move from the pressure of sound waves. Should the hairs in your ear be bent or broken, they may leak random impulses to the brain.

Here are a few other causes of ear ringing:

  • Too much exposure to loud sounds
  • Changes in the ear bone
  • Earwax blockage
  • Head injuries
  • Neck injuries
  • Dysfunction of the Eustachian tubes

Hearing care is only necessary if the cause of ear ringing is severe.

Treatment Options

Tinnitus is a rather bothersome condition, but it’s far from untreatable. Before being able to be treated, hearing care specialists will have to pinpoint any treatable condition that may be associated with the symptoms.

Should your ear ringing occur due to a health problem, the doctor can take steps to reduce the noise.

These steps may include:

  • Removing impacted earwax
  • Treating a blood vessel ailment
  • Changing the medication you take

Other forms of tinnitus care include:

Constant ringing in your ears can be rather distracting and in some cases, debilitating. If you’re suffering from any inner ear symptoms that don’t resolve, contact Beltone DFW for diagnosis and treatment for your Tinnitus.