Can Heart Disease Cause Hearing Loss?

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Heart health remains an important factor in everyone’s daily life. But did you know that your heart’s health can affect your hearing as well as many other significant areas of your well-being? Read on to learn more about hearing loss and heart disease.

Does Heart Health Affect Your Ability to Hear?

Recently, researchers discovered that a person with heart disease might remain more likely to have increased issues with hearing loss. Not only do you need to keep your body free of heart disease for your general health, but you need to keep your heart functioning well to prevent hearing loss.

How Your Heart Affects Your Hearing?

One of the primary functions of your heart is to pump blood through your body. Blood circulation brings nutrients and oxygen to all areas of the body.

When heart disease causes build up in your arteries, the heart needs to work significantly harder to keep up optimal blood flow to all parts of the body. One of the first areas to get less blood and nutrients includes your ears.

To be able to hear, your ear needs to use the tiny nerves and hairs in your ears to pull in the sounds around you. If the circulation to your ears becomes lessened, you won’t hear as well as you used to. Also, a lack of proper blood flow might cause damage to the nerves in your ears, decreasing your ability to hear and promoting hearing loss.

Hearing and Heart Health Research

Many researchers have done tests that show that arterial and heart disease can lead to an increase in the chances of hearing loss. The results of research done so far indicate a correlation between heart disease and hearing loss.

If you have heart disease, you should also have your hearing checked. Or, if you feel your hearing remains worse than usual, you should also see your doctor and get a routine heart health examination.

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