Can Obesity Cause Hearing Loss?

Obesity has been linked to several different health problems. If you fall into the obesity category, you may be wondering what your risks are of experiencing hearing loss. The truth is that obesity itself doesn’t lead to hearing loss. However, many medical conditions that are more common in obese patients can result in hearing loss.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure is a common condition in which the blood throughout the body is forced against the artery walls at a high rate. This high pressure can lead to many health conditions like a stroke, vision loss, and more. When it comes to hearing problems, those with high blood pressure experience them more often than those with normal blood pressure. This is because high blood pressure damages blood vessels, including the ones that deliver blood to your ears. If you have high blood pressure over a long period, you’ll likely start to notice the hearing loss and even tinnitus (ringing in the ears).


Those living with diabetes are twice as likely to develop hearing loss. Diabetes is a medical condition that is characterized by higher than normal blood glucose levels. The high blood glucose level in diabetes patients is currently known to lead to vision and kidney problems. While still in the early stages of research, medical experts believe that a high blood glucose level can also lead to hearing problems. The high blood sugar level is thought to damage the small blood vessels in the inner ear. Once damaged, they can not be repaired.

Lack Of Adequate Blood Flow

It’s important to realize that being obese puts a considerable strain on your body. Your heart has to work harder to pump blood and oxygen throughout the body. Sometimes, the body simply can’t keep up with delivering an adequate amount of blood to all of your body. Over time, your body may not deliver enough oxygen and blood to the hair cells in the ear. This can result in permanent damage to the hair cells if they go a long time without adequate blood and oxygen. Since hair cells don’t regenerate, this can result in chronic hearing issues.

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