Can You Restore Lost Hearing?

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Once someone has hearing loss, particularly from natural and gradual causes, it can’t be restored, but can be improved and the worsening slowed down. Although the condition cannot be healed 100%, it is guaranteed that these methods can help improve your living with your hearing loss.

Here are ways that one’s hearing loss can be improved:

Hearing Aids

One of the most common practices to improve one’s hearing loss is with the use of hearing aids, mechanical instruments programmed to adjust and amplify your hearing and reduce background noise when needed. Whether you’re having a face-to-face conversation, talking with a group or in a rather quiet or noisy place, a hearing aid has different settings for each situation. It is best to consult with your audiologist who can prescribe hearing aids for you. The different kinds  include the behind the ear (BTE), receiver in the canal (RIC), in the ear (ITE), and the completely in the canal (CIC).

Earwax Removal

If your ear canal is too clogged with earwax, this can definitely worsen your hearing as well as cause dizziness and an impaction. It’s not recommended to use a cotton swab to remove excess ear wax for it can push the wax deeper into your canal instead of getting it out. To have your ear wax removed, you can visit your local doctor or otolaryngologist who can perform a manual ear wax removal with a suctioning device or irrigation which involves squirting saline water into the canal to make the wax softer.

Staying Away From Noise Makers

The more you expose yourself to noisy equipment, the more it can damage your hearing loss. Whether you’re at home, in your workplace, or in the mall, here are a few things you can stay away from such as blenders, lawn mowers and hair dryers. It is also highly advised to not blast your music to full volume when hearing earphones, for it can damage your hearing even more.

Unwind With Yoga, Meditation And Relaxing Music

Known for its health benefits, yoga can also help one with hearing loss. There are yoga exercises that can help improve the circulation in your ear and remove unwanted toxins while at it. Yoga poses such as the tree pose, triangle pose and cobra pose are a few yoga poses that can help. You can also find a quiet place in your home or outside your workplace to meditate, methods such as deep breathing can help with increase in oxygen and blood circulation. Noisy music can ruin your hearing so you can listen to soft music while doing yoga and meditation.

It is important that even if you are suffering with hearing loss to take care of your ears at all times. Don’t forget to contact your local ear doctor who can help recommend the best way to enhance your hearing. Contact one from Beltone DFW at (888) 958-8432.