• How to Host a Hearing-Friendly Holiday Dinner

    The holidays are just around the corner, and the chances are good that you’ll have at least one guest with some hearing loss. Since you should be accommodating to all of your guests and make sure they are all comfortable, we have some helpful tips to help you put together a hearing-friendly holiday gathering. Use […]

  • National Protect Your Hearing Month

    National Protect Your Hearing Month

    October is National Protect Your Hearing Month, the month we focus on the causes of hearing loss and the various ways to prevent it. While it is challenging to avoid noises, it would be better to avoid loud environments and allow yourself some quiet time. Find out more about how you can observe this national […]

  • How to Wear a Face Mask

    How to Wear a Face Mask With Your Hearing Aids

    Wearing a face mask is one way we can all do our part in preventing the spread of COVID-19. They may help prevent those who have COVID-19 already from spreading the virus to others while also helping reduce the spread if widely used by the public. While face masks are a vital part in slowing […]

  • Beltone DFW | Audiologist

    Choosing The Right Audiologist For You

    No person, in any profession, is equal in terms of the quality of their work which is why we all are in search for the best. Follow these steps and you’ll find your way into a reputable clinic that can satisfy your needs. Check Your Insurance Though majority of insurance companies don’t cover hearing aids, […]

  • Beltone DFW | Charities

    Hearing Loss Charities And How You Can Help

    Growing up with hearing loss can be one of the most challenging situations to deal with. All around the world, there is a big number of individuals from kids to adults who are greatly suffering with hearing loss. Suffering with hearing loss is not a walk in the park, not only does it affect the […]

  • Surgical Options For Hearing Loss

    There are many surgical options for different types and causes of hearing loss. Surgical treatments for many ear disorders and temporal bone are readily available aside from medical treatments. Below are the common surgeries performed in the ears:   Radiosurgery/Radiotherapy Radiosurgery is a good option for treating temporal bone and other ear disorders. A highly […]

  • Online Resources For Learning Sign Language

    Communication is absolutely essential to day-to-day interactions. Those with hearing disabilities or who have loved ones who are hard of hearing can also learn how to communicate effectively by taking ASL classes. By doing so, they’d be able to relay their feelings and enjoy a good conversation with everyone. The good thing is self-paced learning […]