• Who Hears Differently

    Do Men and Women Hear Sounds Differently?

    According to recent research by the National Institute on Deafness and other Communication Disorders, men are more likely to suffer from hearing loss and are less likely, compared to women, to seek medical assistance. Men tend to lose their ability to hear at a higher frequency level, unlike women who lose their hearing in the […]

  • Get the 411 on Ear Candling

    If you’re looking for treatment for hearing loss, you might have come across the “ear candling” method once or twice. It might sound bizarre, but proponents of the method claim that it’s a safe, easy treatment you can do at home. Ear candling is alleged to treat everything from hearing loss to cancer to built-up […]

  • Temporary Hearing Loss

    Treating Temporary Hearing Loss

    While you may not want to think about it, temporary hearing loss does happen for a variety of reasons. If you’ve never had a problem before with hearing and suddenly you experience deafness, it can be scary, too say the least. Understanding what to do to treat your temporary hearing loss is vital to recovering […]

  • Hyperacusis

    What is Hyperacusis?

    Hyperacusis is a hearing disorder involving dysfunction related to perception of loudness. Those who live with hyperacusis perceive many types of noises as being painfully loud and unbearable. They also tend to be very sensitive to a range of sounds. This condition is different from what is known as “recruitment”, a condition usually associated with […]

  • Comprehensive Hearing Test

    How Much Does A Hearing Test Cost?

    Free Hearing Tests by Beltone Hearing loss can occur due to illness, injury, or even sometimes for unknown reasons. AARP estimates that “there are nearly 30 million Americans with hearing loss, a condition that has been related to social isolation, loss of income and onset of dementia.” If you or a loved one is concerned […]

  • Comprehensive Hearing Test

    Why a Hearing Test Should Be Part of Your Annual Physical

    An annual physical is an essential key to achieving your health goals. Keeping your cholesterol, blood pressure, and other health within optimal ranges can help you feel great. It can also reduce your risk of future health conditions. One test that most physical exams omit is a hearing test. Why Hearing Matters Getting your heart […]

  • Selective Hearing

    Is Selective Hearing Real?

    When you were young did your mother ever complain that you or your siblings had selective hearing? For example, she might ask you to do the dishes and then, 20 minutes later when they weren’t done, she would ask why and you would tell her that you didn’t hear her. Most parents don’t believe their […]

  • Beltone DFW | Hearing

    Hearing Tests For Your Baby

    Even at an early age, newborn babies have a developed sense of hearing. Most of the time, hospitals will conduct a hearing test on a baby prior to discharging them from the hospital. These tests are simple and easy and can help identify if your child is affected by hearing loss. Here is more information […]

  • Beltone Dallas Fort Worth

    Iron Deficiency & Hearing Loss

    Did you know that 15% of the total adult population in the United States has some form of hearing loss? It doesn’t sound much at first but when you take into account that there are about 326 million Americans, that ratio equates to about 49 million people. Unknown to many, hearing loss brings with it […]

  • How To Communicate With The Hearing Impaired

    Communicating to a person with a hearing disability should be done in a convenient and understandable manner. Sign language is not the only way to communicate with them. Follow the simple steps below to achieve effective communication with your hard of hearing friends and family using other creative yet simple to comprehend methods. Get Their […]

  • Does Electronic Hearing Protection Work?

    In everyday life, we perceive different sounds with varying degrees of loudness, but did you know that constant exposure to sounds louder than the average human threshold of 85 decibels damages our sense of hearing? Even just one instance of exposure to a sound that is far too loud for us is enough to cause […]