• At Home Hearing Loss

    Common Ways You Can Develop Hearing Loss at Home

    Many risk factors cause hearing loss. Some of them are preventable, while factors like aging and brain injury may be inevitable. However, did you know that simple things like attending festivals and other gatherings can cause hearing loss? While this is true, staying at home doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t have hearing loss problems. […]

  • Service Dog

    How Can Service Dogs Help People With Hearing Loss?

    If you live with deafness or profound hearing loss, then you know daily tasks involving sound often require extra technology and some creativity. You may have warning lights attached to your front door to alert you to a knock or a doorbell ring, your alarm clock may vibrate under your bed instead of blare on […]

  • Hearing tests

    5 Ways to Help Encourage Your Family Get a Hearing Test

    For most people, coming to terms with losing their hearing ability is not an easy feat. You may know of a friend or a loved one who struggles with hearing and has a challenge asking for help. It is imperative to consider some signs to determine if your family member has any hearing problems. Hearing […]

  • Noise Induced Hearing Loss

    Treatment Options for Mixed Hearing Loss

    Mixed hearing loss is a medical condition that occurs when two different factors contribute to your loss of hearing. Mixed hearing loss occurs when there is damage to the outer and inner ear at the same time. This prevents sound from fully going through the outer ear to the inner ear. It also prevents the […]

  • Upgrade Hearing Aids

    Is It Time To Upgrade My Hearing Aids?

    Just like every piece of advanced technology, hearing aids are designed to last for a finite period of time. While you may love your device right now, there will eventually come a time when you need a replacement. There are several factors involving your life and the hearing aids that will play a role in […]

  • New Hearing Aids

    Getting Used to Wearing a Hearing Aid

    Getting hearing aids for the first time is guaranteed to be an exciting time in your life. You will finally be able to hear sounds clearly again after years of struggling with your hearing. Suddenly hearing sounds at full volume can be a little jarring on the body and brain. It also takes time to […]

  • Allergies and Hearing

    Can Allergies Affect My Hearing?

    It is currently estimated that roughly one-third of the population deals with allergies regularly. This adverse reaction occurs when the immune system creates antibodies when coming in contact with something that should not harm the body. Everyone knows the typical allergy symptoms include itchy skin, nasal congestion, and sneezing, but there is a chance that […]

  • Ear Infections and Hearing Aids

    Ear Infections and Hearing Aids

    Unfortunately, when cold and flu season rolls around, many hearing aid users find themselves battling the dreaded ear infection. While many people are familiar with a cold causing this type of infection, the reality is that there are many different causes of ear infections. Some others include allergies, excessive mucus, changes in air pressure, smoking, […]

  • Beltone DFW | Exercising & Hearing Loss

    Can Exercising Improve Your Hearing?

    Hearing loss is a lot more common than many people realize. At some point in life, nearly half the country experiences some degree of hearing loss. Individuals with severe impairment may address the issue with cochlear implants or hearing aids. Folks with milder cases sometimes choose to leave it be. But what many people don’t […]

  • Sensorineural Hearing Loss

    5 Causes of Sudden Sensorineural Hearing Loss

    Sensorineural hearing loss affects both ears and is permanent. Over 90% of hearing problems in adults arise from Sensorineural Hearing Loss (SNHL). It occurs due to damage of the inner structures in the auditory nerve and inner ear. SNHL varies depending on the magnitude of damage: • Mild hearing loss occurs between 25-40 decibels.• Moderate […]

  • Hearing Loss Affect Your Balance

    Does Hearing Loss Affect Your Balance?

    Hearing loss can be a major debilitating health malady that could potentially precipitate changes in an individual’s personal, professional and social lives. Many may wonder if diminished hearing might elicit other problematic symptoms such as balance issues. Beltone Dallas Fort Worth invites you to read a brief blog addressing the correlation between decreased hearing ability […]

  • Beltone Dallas Fort Worth | Hearing Loss in Kids

    Does Earwax Affect Your Hearing

    Hearing loss, aside from being inconvenient, has possible complications. Studies have shown that it may lead to depression and dementia. Though it’s not always the case, it does increase the risk of developing them. Those trips to the club every weekend may be fun, but it isn’t doing your auditory system any good. However loud […]