When Should I Change My Hearing Aid Battery?

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Hearing aids are a long-term investment so you don’t expect them to be replaced for a few years. However, their batteries don’t last near as long. One battery would last a week on average, but this would depend on several factors. When it’s out of power, your hearing aid is rendered useless until you get it changed. You don’t have to wait until that happens and it’s important to get it replaced before then.

How Long Do Hearing Aids Last?

With constant use, a typical zinc-air button battery would last about a week, but this would depend highly on the size and usage frequency. Hearing aid owners who suffer from severe hearing problems need more powerful hearing aids which need more powerful batteries. If you don’t need to wear your hearing aids all the time, you can lengthen the battery life by limiting application to only when it’s necessary and keeping them off when it’s not. These batteries are activated by air so when they’re not in use, keep them sealed.

As your battery starts to run out of energy, your hearing aid’s capability decreases until you’re unable to use them. Sound may also become distorted when wearing the hearing aids. So you don’t mistakenly switch your batteries for a new one too soon, most hearing aids are equipped with an alarm feature which beeps when it’s time for the change.

Users are advised to do it as soon as they hear the alarm because battery life quickly drops. It’s always a good idea to carry around an extra sealed pack of batteries. To avoid damaging them, keep them away from metallic objects. One common place for storing the extras are in the wallet where you have your coins and keys. If you want to keep them there, make sure they avoid coming into contact with these objects.

How To Lengthen Hearing Aid Battery Life

The most practical way is to turn them off when they’re not in use so your battery doesn’t drain fast. Some would recommend opening the compartment door, but don’t allow them to be exposed to air. Also keep them at room temperature. Avoid leaving them in direct heat or in places prone to changes in temperature such as the bathroom and the fridge. While we use the cold and ice to preserve many things, it doesn’t work well for hearing aids as some people would expect. The cold results in condensation under the seal, ridding the batteries of their energy and can no longer be used.

Rechargeable batteries are already available in the market. Before you get too excited, you need to discuss with your hearing expert whether it would be a good fit for you. These batteries don’t last a day before they need to be charged again. Special hearing aids have to be designed to use these batteries and the technological innovation of a more practical design for these is still unavailable.

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