When Should You Change Your Hearing Aids?

Like any other device, your hearing aids need proper maintenance. The technical components inside your hearing aids could eventually get clogged up with debris, wax, and moisture. This is something that will happen. But you can always delay their “demise” with proper care and cleaning.

It is just unfortunate that there are those who just live with the fact that their hearings aids no longer function like they used to. There are solutions to these little kinks on your device. You just need to be more knowledgeable about it. A simple change or cleaning on its parts can definitely improve the performance of your device.

And if you are more open to the idea of replacing them entirely, then find out the tell-tale signs as to when you can or should change your hearing aids below.

When you keep getting your hearing aids repaired.

Here’s the thing, hearing aids don’t necessarily just stop working. This is because most of its parts can be replaced. Your hearing aids can last for 7-12 years, that is if you take care of them properly. But if you keep going back to the shop where you bought them, it may be time to think about replacing them.

One other thing that you may want to consider is that, manufacturers always update their models. This includes replaceable parts. This means that if ever you’ve been using your hearing aids for more than 5 years, and you keep getting them repaired after the 5th year, it may mean that the parts have been replaced with old but still functional ones.

When your current hearing aids do not fit your needs.

New models may seem very attractive just because they have the latest that technology can offer. But if it doesn’t have what you need, then you may really want to switch to something that will cater your needs better.  Your needs will always change. It is possible that after a few years after getting your hearing aids, you go into new hobbies and interests that will definitely affect their function.

When you have increased hearing loss.

This is something that only your doctor or hearing expert can confirm. So make sure you get yourself checked if you feel like your current device is no longer functioning like it should. Remember, it doesn’t necessarily mean that your hearing device is malfunctioning, it may just mean that your hearing needs have increased and you need a new one that can cater to your current hearing needs.

When your dexterity decreases.

As you age, your health needs will also change. Dexterity is a real issue in aging. When your dexterity decreases, then this could mean that changing batteries on your hearing device can become a real pain. You may then want to consider hearing aids with longer battery life. In fact, there are models in the market that only require an annual change in batteries.

When you need your hearing aids to be more intuitive.

Thanks to technology, there are already hearing devices in the market that will immediately adjust to your environment without pressing any buttons!

The bottom line is that if your hearing aids are not performing well, then you should consider all your options first before getting them replaced. Manufacturers have specifications that will cater to whatever your hearing needs are. Make sure that your provider can explain this to you. At Beltone DFW, we will always make sure that your hearing needs are met and you have the right device. Call us today for more information on hearing aid care at (888) 958-8432.