Choosing The Right Audiologist For You

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No person, in any profession, is equal in terms of the quality of their work which is why we all are in search for the best. Follow these steps and you’ll find your way into a reputable clinic that can satisfy your needs.

Check Your Insurance

Though majority of insurance companies don’t cover hearing aids, some do so check with yours. You could save yourself some money. Others may include a diagnostic hearing test as well. If any of these are included in your plan, then visit an associated medical office to ensure you’re funded for the costs.

If you don’t have insurance yet, this would be a good criterion to look into when choosing. Openly ask about this benefit.

Good Feedback

Ask for references. A trusted audiologist or clinic would have several to give. Thanks to technology, you can also look online for reviews. Check with social media or a search engine for websites offering reviews for medical services. You may always do it the old fashioned way and ask friends or peers who you think can give you good recommendations.

Take caution when deciding to visit a brand new clinic in town. Check for feedback from their patients regarding their experiences with the doctors before setting an appointment.


These documents are usually displayed where it’s easily visible within the clinic. They’re either by the front desk or in the doctor’s office. Some states have a list of licensed audiologists available online so feel free to check this out.

Remember, accreditation in one state doesn’t necessarily mean they can legally practice in yours so always make sure. If there’s no online database, call your local government unit or make a short visit.


A routine check-up is important for your ear health, whether you have an auditory condition or not. Because of this, you must take into account how accessible the audiologist is to you. Are their hours of operation convenient with your schedule? How far away from them are you?

Think about your daily routine. Though it would be ideal, they don’t always have to be close to your home. If you can’t find one near your residence, go to one located near where you work and drop by before or after your shift. Have time after dropping your child off at school? Consider seeing an audiologist nearby. Also take into account any future trips, particularly if you’ll be away for an extended period or would be traveling frequently.

Trust is important between you and your healthcare professional because you would need to share sensitive health information for accurate medical advice. Great doctor-patient rapport would also put you at ease that you’re receiving valuable service in your best interests. As an added bonus, treatment would be smoother and faster, saving you precious time for more important things.

You might not find the best audiologist for you the first couple of times but there’s always one for everyone if you do your part in choosing. For experienced and friendly staff, see us at Beltone DFW where you’ll be treated with utmost care. Call us at (888) 958-8432.