Conductive Hearing Loss 101

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Hearing loss can come at varying degrees. This impairment can be classified into two general categories, specifically “Conductive” and Sensorineural. Conductive hearing loss refers to a disability where the outer ear and middle ear have been compromised, causing your problem in perceiving sound. Sensorineural hearing loss is when the inner ear is damaged, affecting it’s capability to deliver noise to the brain for deciphering.

Causes Of Conductive Hearing Loss

There are many causes of conductive hearing loss, some of which are merely minor complications that could be treated quite easily.

Earwax Obstruction – Earwax is there to lubricate your ear canals and keep away insects and bugs from entering. Ironically, this substance can be the cause of complications for you ear as it could accumulate and obstruct the sound. Minimizing the amount of noise that can access your auditory system.

You may feel this as your ears feeling plugged and starting to hear things at a much lesser volume.

Treatment: For a “do it yourself” solution there are earwax softeners available in pharmacies in order to dilute it and end the occuring build-up. The best way to cure this, however, would be a trip to a professional to have this expertly dealt with.

Ruptured Eardrum – The eardrum is a thin flap of skin. It captures sound and vibrates when doing so. This vibrations is passed along further into the system until it is transformed into electrical impulses and reaches the brain.

The eardrum may be ruptured due to infection, excessively loud sounds, and extreme head trauma. A whole minimizes its ability to absorb sound effectively.

Treatment: Your eardrums are actually capable of healing themselves. Just make sure to minimize blowing of your nose as the pressure may delay its restoration. You may use pain relievers during the process to alleviate the uncomfortable consequence that comes with this.

Unfortunately, there are cases that require a medical operation done by a doctor.

Swimmer’s Ear – It isn’t hard to figure out who the usual victims of this complication is. This is brought about by water trapped inside the ear. The bacteria found in the ear then begins to accelerate its reproduction due to the presence of excessive moisture, resulting in an infection. This is usually a minor ailment but it may progress to a more serious case if not given the proper attention.

Treatment: Avoid swimming and any other activities which involves your ears getting wet. It’s important not to add up any more moisture while it’s healing. Have this checked out by your Ear, Nose, and Throat Doctor. They will commonly prescribe a certain ear drop which have infection fighting properties which will accelerate your recovery.

Bone Formation – When exposed to cold for long periods of time, the ears will try and keep its inner parts safe by developing abnormal bone structures that blocks the cool air from coming in, but also keeps out sound.

Treatment: This are mostly benign and nothing to worry about but its removal will require surgery.  

There could be other causes to your hearing loss. To ensure you get the right treatment, see an expert for a thorough evaluation. Schedule a consultation with an audiologist at Beltone DFW. Contact us at (888) 958-8432.