The Dangers of Living With Untreated Hearing Loss

A lot of people suffering from hearing loss are somewhat hesitant to address it. The disability is usually seen as a weakness, which in turn creates a feeling of embarrassment. Many would rather deny it and simply find ways to compensate for it like asking people to repeat themselves or turning up the volume. However, many do not understand that an impairment in hearing, if not treated, can bring a whole slew of other problems:

Damaged Relationships

If you are experiencing hearing loss, chances are you’ve noticed that it can also affect people around you, especially those you care about. A study conducted in 2009 showed that almost half of people with hearing loss, specifically 44%, admitted that it has had a negative impact on their relationships with family, friends, and their partner.

The difficulty in communication tends to take a heavy toll, which usually leads to isolation and withdrawal from social situations. It can also develop irritability or generally a negative attitude towards others.

Poor Mental Health

Stress due to the social impact of untreated hearing impairment was also found to adversely affect mental health. It has been reported that paranoia, dementia, anxiety, and depression can develop when people with hearing loss shy away from society.

Diminished Cognitive Ability

Researchers and medical professionals have long established the connection between hearing loss and cognitive acuity. John Hopkins Medicine published that people with hearing loss suffered a decrease in cognitive acuity around 30 to 40% faster than those with healthy hearing.

The brain has to process sound in order for you to make sense of it, and for the hearing impaired, it has to work double time, often at the expense of other tasks such as memory and comprehension. It can get very exhausting, especially after a long day of trying to understand what everyone is saying to you.

Reduced Work Performance

Hearing loss can also do a number on one’s performance in the workplace. Productivity decreases as the chances of communication mishaps rise, and the disability may push an employee further away from a promotion, if not taken out of employment entirely.

Additionally, a decline in work performance will have a financial impact, therefore a reduced salary can be attributed to hearing loss.

It Puts You In Potentially Life-Threatening Situations

Although it is not fatal in nature, inability to hear sound fully can still endanger the safety of a person that is hearing impaired. Apart from the fact that hearing loss is found to be associated with higher risk of falling, a person with hearing loss will not be as alert when it comes to alarm systems and sirens.

Hearing loss doesn’t just decrease the ability to hear, it also reduces the quality of life. If you are experiencing symptoms of hearing impairment, don’t delay in getting the appropriate assistance from hearing experts like Beltone so you can avoid the hidden dangers that the disability can pose.

The Specialists At Beltone DFW Can Help!

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