Dealing with Gradual Hearing Loss

  1. Hearing Loss

Hearing Loss Can Be Gradual

Hearing loss does not always occur suddenly and usually involves a gradual process. Regardless of age, gender or lifestyle, anyone can be affected by hearing loss at some point in their life. If you are currently dealing with hearing loss, Beltone hearing aids can help you regain your hearing so that you will be able to enjoy the world around you more.

Causes of Gradual Hearing Loss

Some medical conditions along with environmental and lifestyle factors can result in gradual hearing loss. One of the main causes of hearing loss is tinnitus, which involves continues ringing sounds in the ears. A condition known as otosclerosis, which is caused by abnormal ear bone growth, can lead to hearing loss over a period of time. Loud noises from noisy industrial facilities or loud music can damage the eardrums and make you lose your hearing gradually. If you take high doses of aspirin or antibiotics, you further run the risk of hearing loss.

Hearing Loss Prevention

One of the best ways to prevent hearing loss or keep yourself from losing your hearing even more is to protect the ears from loud sounds be either staying out of noisy environments or wearing earplugs whenever loud sounds are present. If possible, you should also avoid taking certain medications that are known to cause or worsen hearing loss. Studies have additionally shown a link between smoking and hearing loss. Fortunately, if ever suffer from hearing loss, Beltone hearing aids can be a great solution.

The Beltone Difference

The high-quality hearing aids from Beltone can restore your hearing in an almost miraculous fashion. These hearing aids have built-in microphones that are able to convert acoustic signals into electrical signals for better sound processing. An amplifier is also included with each hearing aid to make sounds clearer. Multiple channels can offer more customized sound delivery to the ears. Hearing when background noise is present is made easier thanks to the speech pattern detection feature. Whistling sounds are reduced with the anti-feedback control. Wind noise suppression makes hearing outdoors easier. Choose from in-the-ear, behind-the-ear and receiver-in-the-ear hearing aid styles.

With Beltone hearing aids, your gradual hearing loss can be less of an issue. If you are tired of straining to hear what other people have to say, these hearing aids can reduce the hassle. Wearing these hearing aids will help you improve your quality of life. Schedule your appointment for a hearing test and hearing aid fitting today at Beltone DFW or by calling (888) 958-8432.