Do Hearing Aid Batteries Expire?

  1. Hearing Aid Batteries

New hearing aids offer rechargeable batteries that can last up to five years. Knowing what factors affect your battery’s lifespan and the practices you can do to extend their lives is the key to ensuring you always are listening at the most optimal level throughout the day.

The Factors That Influence Lifespan

Regardless of whether you have disposable or rechargeable hearing aid batteries, many factors will influence how long they last. Some of these factors you can control for the better, others you need to be aware of. The most common factors affecting the lifespan of your hearing aid batteries include:


How you use your hearing aids is going to affect the battery highly. Many new hearing aids come with a plethora of technology, including Bluetooth connectivity that allows you to stream from your smartphone and other devices. If you spend a large portion of the day connecting your hearing aids to other devices, you can quickly drain the hearing aid battery.

Battery Size

Just like there are many different hearing aids on the market today, there are many different battery sizes available as well. These are denoted by colors, including blue, orange, brown, and yellow. As a general rule, blue is the largest, while yellow is the smallest battery size.

Hearing Level

The level of hearing loss that you experience will alter the lifespan of your hearing aid battery. Those who have severe hearing loss will burn through battery power much quicker because it requires a lot of amplification. However, those who have mild hearing loss will use less amplification and less battery usage.

Environmental Factors

Environmental factors like the altitude, humidity, and temperature can all affect your hearing aid battery’s performance. Environmental extremes such as high humidity and very low humidity can drain your hearing aid batteries’ power.

How To Extend The Life Of Your Hearing Aid Batteries?

While some of the factors above may be out of your control, there are still some practices that you can implement to extend the life of your hearing aid batteries. First, make sure you open up the battery door when you’re not using your hearing aids. This practice allows excess moisture to escape that would otherwise cause premature corrosion of the battery. Secondly, you should only purchase batteries when you need them. All batteries have an expiration date. If you purchase them in bulk, they will likely lose some of their lifespans before you even put them into your device.

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