Do You Need Hearing Aids For Mild Hearing Loss?

  1. Mild Hearing Loss

Though not as severe as major hearing loss, mild hearing can still have a profound impact upon a person’s social, personal and professional life. At Beltone DFW, we invite you to read the following blog highlighting important considerations surrounding mild hearing loss.

Mild Hearing Loss Overview

Mild hearing loss can be subtle. Individuals might experience the inability to hear soft sounds like whispers or birds chirping. Moreover, mild hearing might also precipitate difficulties hearing in crowded or noisy environments.

The Importance Of Receiving A Professional Evaluation

Many types of hearing loss are precipitated by progressive conditions that might be difficult to treat if diagnosed at later stages. In some cases, hearing loss might cause irreversible damage. Ergo, those afflicted with mild hearing loss should not ignore their symptoms, downplay the occurrences or assume their mild sense of hearing are a normal part of aging. Individuals should obtain a prompt evaluation from a trained hearing specialist.

Causes Of Mild Hearing Loss

In some instances, mild forms of hearing loss are elicited by remediable issues such as excessive earwax accumulation, the presence of an ear infection or minor bone irregularities in the ear. More serious, potentially irreversible hearing loss might be caused by issues like tumors, birth defects and serious genetic ailments.

Potential Treatment Options

Specific therapeutic protocols will often depend upon the specific underlying condition. Should the problem be an accumulation of wax, careful earwax removal by a hearing specialist might provide immediate improvement. Hearing loss-inducing infections may be remediated through the ingestion of antibiotics. If correctable bone deformities are the cause, surgical intervention to fix the ear may produce improvement in audio capacity.

Hearing Aids For Mild Hearing Loss

In certain cases, particularly in the presence of progressive mild hearing loss, hearing aids might prove beneficial. Hearing specialists further suggest that the mild hearing loss stage is often amongst the best times to get fitted for such a device because the individual will have a variety of styles and brands to choose from.

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If you are dealing with mild hearing loss, we at the Beltone DFW strongly encourage you to seek immediate audio evaluation. Our team of trained hearing care specialists can perform a thorough hearing test, potentially diagnose the underlying problem and create an individualized treatment plan. Further information about the programs and services we offer can be accessed by giving us a call!