Why You Should Get Your Hearing Tested (Even If You Already Have Hearing Aids)

Hearing loss is often a gradual deterioration of the ability and doesn’t simply end at a certain level. Whether it’s by natural causes or constant exposure to loud environments or a mix of both, a lot of the times, the change in hearing goes by unnoticed until the difference is great. By then the hearing aids you’re wearing are sorely unfit for your needs and may cause serious problems. But how does this happen and how does it affect us?

Causes In Change Of Hearing

Your hearing may have been caused by one specific problem whether it’s aging, physical trauma, stress, chronic illness, etc. As time passes, it can be aggravated by other factors, perhaps one of those mentioned or others just as your other senses change over time. Hearing and vision are the two most commonly affected by natural deterioration so it’s best to take care when subjecting them to external influences.

Like how your hair grows and your skin changes, the inner structure of your ear changes as well. Because the difference occurs internally, it often goes unnoticed and requires a deliberate check-up by a trained and licensed professional to be detected and properly assessed. These hidden shifts can slowly modify your hearing ability from being able to tell between sounds to hearing a conversation in face-to-face interaction.

There’s also genetics, but often people can’t tell the hearing loss started young because most tend to have their hearing checked a decade after it began. This makes it harder for younger generations to identify whether they’re starting to have their own hearing issues. Only when a significant change happens do they usually recognize any current hearing difficulty.

Hearing Aid Alterations, Upgrades And Replacements

Recall the feeling of wearing clothes that are too tight during the summer or too loose during the winter. That’s how it would feel when you’re in an environment where the sounds and volumes are mismatched to your hearing aids and make your hearing changes more poignant. These scenarios might be when you wish your hearing instruments were at their best shape like during a graduation when everyone is cheering and congratulating each other. Or a night out with friends. Or the whispers of a loved one.

Your hearing aids could be at their top performance during these special moments when you have your hearing checked regularly. For those who are 55 years and older, it’s highly recommended to visit your hearing specialist 1-2 times a year or every 6 months. Whether you need a quick adjustment, an upgrade or in situations where the change in hearing is so great, a hearing specialist would be able to make the proper recommendation and give you what you need. Hearing aids are built for long-term use so if you just bought yours, there isn’t much cause to worry you need an upgrade or replacement unless there was an incident or vast shift in lifestyle where the needs would change greatly.

To make sure your hearing aids can cope with your needs and activities, it’s best to be see an expert. For more tips and information on dealing with your hearing loss, contact Beltone DFW at (888) 958-8432 to get your free consultation.