Get the 411 on Ear Candling

If you’re looking for treatment for hearing loss, you might have come across the “ear candling” method once or twice. It might sound bizarre, but proponents of the method claim that it’s a safe, easy treatment you can do at home. Ear candling is alleged to treat everything from hearing loss to cancer to built-up earwax. And when you’re done, you can peer inside the candle and see all the removed impurities.

The ear candling process starts with a tall, thin, hollowed-out candle. Take a paper plate and cut a hole in it, then lay down on your side. Cover your face with the paper plate, stick the candle in the ear hole, and then have another person light the candle. Supposedly, the candle creates a suctioning force that sucks the debris right out of your ear canal. But is this method legitimate, or is this just the latest form of pseudoscience rocking the internet?

Is Ear Candling an Effective Treatment?

Unfortunately, there is no evidence to suggest that ear candling is an effective way to remove ear wax and reduce hearing loss. If anything, ear candling can be dangerous. According to Medical News Today, ear candling’s potential risks. These risks include burning your skin, puncturing the eardrum, getting wax or candle ash stuck in your ear, starting a fire, and causing permanent damage to the ear. Additionally, if people resort to ear candling instead of seeing a doctor, the issues that they’re trying to treat might continue to worsen.

What are the Alternatives to Ear Candling?

If you’d prefer to manage your hearing loss yourself before seeking a specialist, you can try to flush out your ear with a water syringe. You can also buy ear wax softening products at most major retailers. However, be aware that ear wax is a natural part of your ear that keeps it clean and lubricated. While it might not look attractive, you don’t want to eliminate all the ear wax in your ear.

If you’re unable to treat your hearing loss at home, the next step should be calling a hearing specialist. A licensed specialist can remove built-up earwax using safe, professional methods that you can’t perform yourself at home. The ear is a delicate instrument that can be easily damaged, so if you’re experiencing hearing loss, it’s best to leave the treatment to the professionals.

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