Getting Used to Wearing a Hearing Aid

  1. New Hearing Aids

Getting hearing aids for the first time is guaranteed to be an exciting time in your life. You will finally be able to hear sounds clearly again after years of struggling with your hearing. Suddenly hearing sounds at full volume can be a little jarring on the body and brain. It also takes time to get accustomed to wearing hearing aids in your ears all day. It is important to be aware of this adjustment period and know that it will take some time before you are fully comfortable.

Get Professional Fitting

There is no better way to get used to wearing a hearing aid than by having them properly fitted to your ears by a professional. Everyone’s ears are unique, so there is no way that one device will work for everyone. The size of your ears and your hearing levels will be measured during this appointment to ensure you get the hearing aid that works best for your needs.

Start Out Slow

Since there is a slight adjustment period associated with wearing hearing aids, it is important to take things slow in the early going. You do not want to rush into a loud room filled with tons of people to test your hearing ability. Gradually get used to the sounds by starting in quiet rooms. You may also find that wearing the hearing aids all day feels a little awkward. If this is the case, then only wear them for a few hours on the first day. Gradually increase the time until you can comfortably wear them all day.

Practice Makes Perfect

Like almost everything in life, practice is the perfect way to build up your comfort levels with hearing aids. Practice having conversations with your close relatives. Since these are voices you know, it should be easier for your brain to adjust to the new sounds. Gradually work up to louder environments before going out to busy public spaces. You can also take this time to make slight adjustments to the volume levels.

Be Patient

It is very important that you do not get discouraged during the adjustment period. It is only a matter of time before you do not even realize you are wearing hearing aids. It just is not going to happen overnight. This is something that everyone with hearing loss has to go through. Your hearing will be fully restored in no time.

Call Us Today

The hearing aid adjustment period is a tricky time. Do not hesitate to call a specialist at Beltone Dallas Fort Worth with any questions. We want everyone to love their newfound ability to hear clearly, so we will happily work with you until you feel completely comfortable with your new Beltone hearing aids.