Handling Hearing Loss During the Holidays

  1. Handling Hearing Loss

When the holiday season arrives, you usually find yourself looking forward to getting together with your friends and family to celebrate. However, if you are one of the millions of Americans negatively affected by hearing loss or hearing issues, this can be a difficult time to navigate.

The holiday season is a time when you are invited to a family or work party that will often include loud music, plenty of chatting, and sometimes a meal. These can all be moments we understand your struggle to cope with when you cannot hear correctly and struggle to differentiate between sounds.

Do Not Struggle in Silence

We understand how difficult the holiday season can be for you if you are affected by hearing loss. We have seen depression, isolation, and other mental health problems in our patients when they are struggling with hearing issues. The arrival of the holiday season can magnify these issues and make them seem far worse. When invited to a holiday get together, the best option is to make sure you explain your hearing loss to your host before arriving. Not only will you feel better to share your issues, but you may find yourself given some help in terms of lowered music levels.

Offer Cues to your Fellow Guests

If you are socializing and struggle to hear at a holiday party, you should explain that you have trouble hearing. Silent cues are often a good option for making it clear you are struggling to hear.

Head to a Quiet Area

One option we understand you may want to explore is to ask a person you are enjoying talking to if they would mind stepping outside to talk. If you are in a crowded restaurant for a holiday meal, you may want to ask if they would mind stepping into a quiet nook or bar to continue talking.

Take the Time to Recharge

Recharging your batteries is an essential part of making sure you get the best out of the holiday season. Hearing loss can be stressful during regular times of the year. This anxiety can be magnified during the holidays, meaning you need to take even greater care of your mental well-being.

If you are struggling with hearing loss before the holidays, contact a specialist at Beltone Dallas Fort Worth to schedule an appointment and discuss your options.