Handling The Emotional Toll Of Hearing Loss

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Hearing loss can be debilitating in more ways than one. The physical toll hearing loss takes on the body is immense – hearing loss has been linked to other diseases such as dementia, Alzheimer’s, heart disease, and more. Additionally, hearing loss can affect other aspects of a person’s life like their career, earning ability, relationships, and even their emotional state. While most conversations about hearing loss address a person’s physical state, we believe that their emotional state should be addressed as well. If you or a loved one suffers from hearing loss, here’s how to deal with the emotional toll the disease can take.

Develop a support system

When people start to lose their hearing, they often withdraw from their friends and family because of the challenge of hearing even normal conversations. Often, individuals with hearing loss experience a tremendous amount of grief over the loss of their hearing. While you may wish to withdraw from the world, it is important to reach out to loved ones. Additionally, you may also wish to reach out to a therapist who can help you process your feelings. Interacting with other people not only helps you to feel apart of the world again, but it can also help you test out your device.

Adjust communication

Learning that you or a loved one suffers from hearing loss is a big adjustment. Even for those more advanced in age, it can take years before they accept their hearing loss and seek treatment. When your spouse, partner, or loved one is suffering from hearing loss, it is important to remember that communication may need to be adjusted. How can you adjust your communication when speaking to your loved one? Be sure to speak slowly and face your loved one when speaking. Try to eliminate background noise when speaking to your loved one. Finally, try to hold your conversations with you loved one in a well-lit place so they can be at ease.

Keep your options in mind

When you are suffering from hearing loss, it is important to know your options. This helps to alleviate your anxiety and take control of your treatment. Consider speaking to an audiologist at Beltone DFW. Our team can help you explore options to address your hearing loss. We can speak to you about:

  • Hearing aid options
  • Support groups for those suffering from hearing loss
  • Medical back ups for your hearing loss

The team at Beltone DFW can recommend the best hearing device to meet your specific hearing loss needs. In addition to recommending the right hearing aid for you, we can also conduct a hearing test to determine your level of hearing loss.

Getting treatment for your hearing loss can be difficult. Often, you may feel anxious or ashamed, but the sooner you get treatment, the sooner you can enjoy life again. If your loved one is suffering from hearing loss, it is best to avoid pushing them to get treatment. Instead, consider talking to them about the things they are missing out on. To learn more about hearing aid treatment, contact the team at Beltone DFW today.