How Headphones Contribute To Hearing Loss

A large population of teens and children wear headsets nowadays. The alarming thing is they expose themselves to loud music over a long period of time. Overexposure to loud music coming from headphones can result in hearing loss, and the number one population affected by it are children and teens.

How Loud Should It Be?

The advisable maximum sound that you should listen to must not be more than 85 dB. Everything beyond that can already hasten the development of hearing loss. Do not exceed 60% of the maximum volume otherwise it will be too risky for your hearing organs. You can easily be aware that the decibel in your headphones are high when you can’t hear anything that’s taking place around you.

How Long Should You Tune In

Whenever you are tuned to a higher volume, reduce the time duration of your exposure to your listening device using your headsets. If you use the 60% maximum volume level of your device, then your sound exposure must only be 60 minutes a day. Listening for longer durations can result in hearing loss.

Sound Induced Hearing Loss is Incurable

Unfortunately, there is no cure for sound induced hearing loss. Unless you wear hearing aids or cochlear implants, you won’t be able to hear again. Extremely loud sounds damage the tiny hair in your ears, or cochlea, and if this happens, it will never grow again. Therefore, avoid sound exposure that can cause permanent hearing loss.

Early Signs of Hearing Loss

Are you at risk of hearing loss? What are the early symptoms of hearing loss? Like any other developing illness, there early signs of hearing loss.

Tinnitus – or ringing in the ears is one of the early signs of hearing loss. You can usually hear a hissing or buzzing sound from within.

Opting for louder volumes – If you notice that you need to turn the volume of your gadget or appliances to a volume which is higher than usual, it can be a sign that you are having hearing difficulties

Muffled sounds – where you feel that there is something plugged within your ears.

Preventing Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Noise induced hearing loss is irreversible. Take good care of your ears because they are irreplaceable. Follow the 60/60 rule in order to maintain healthy ears. Use your headset in moderation to avoid future hearing complications.

Prevention is always better than cure. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Drop those earphones once in awhile so your ears can relax. Better yet, seek professional advice from your audiologist. Contact Beltone DFW at (888) 958-8432 for helpful tips and advice.