Hearing Aid Life Expectancy

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Hearing aids help those with hearing loss by amplifying sounds as needed. They are essential as they prevent the negative effects associated with this impairment, such as cognitive decline leading to dementia and isolation which could possibly induce depression.

These don’t come cheap though as they cost at a thousand dollars and upwards. Though expensive, these should be seen as investments towards securing your social life, emotional health, and mental health. Merely putting up with a hearing loss and refusing to use hearing aids would be detrimental and is highly discouraged. With the exemption of course if a professional in this field advised you not to take this form of treatment which is often not the case.  

Hearing Aid Lifespan

These tiny devices can last about 4 to 5 years but can even go up to 7 years if one is disciplined enough to go through the activities of cleaning and maintaining them.

After the retirement of your hearing equipment, you can expect to purchase new units which are more technologically advanced and will have up to date features that might just surprise you.

Increasing Its Life Expectancy


When looking to lengthen your hearing aids’ life, you’ll have to clean it properly. That means removing the substance and fluids that becomes entrapped in its holes and crevices. If left unaddressed these might find its way further inside, damaging parts within.

Of course, the most threatening substance towards your hearing aids are the earwax. Though these are in place to protect your ears and keep them healthy, it may become harmful to your devices.

Upon acquiring your equipment, cleaning tools called the wax pick and wax brush, usually come with them but if not make sure you obtain these from an audiologist. Use your pick and brush to remove earwax and particles from openings. Afterwards, wipe your devices with a dry and clean cloth.

Do not substitute your pick with things such as needles or any other sharp objects, which could end up causing harm. Though a soft toothbrush could temporarily replace the absence of a wax brush.

Trip To An Expert

It’s important to schedule a check-up and comprehensive cleaning for your hearing aids every few months with a professional. They can easily spot anything wrong, and will advise you immediately on what to do. It would be ideal to adhere to their recommendations.

Minimize Moisture

Your devices would deteriorate much faster with a lot of moisture. If not needed, avoid wearing them and bringing them along with you in locations that are highly humid including bathrooms. It would be wise to keep them in another room when having a bath or taking a shower.

Store them in dehumidifying containers. Do this especially when you sleep at night since a little moisture coming from your moisture will be inevitable, so these storages will dry them and keep them that way for hours.

Reduce Usage

Wear and tear will be rapid if usage is frequent. When its services are not needed, don’t use it. However when inside establishments alone its imperative you have them on so that you could hear when there is an emergency.

Hearing aids don’t last as long as people expect but with proper care, you can extend their lifespan to an extent. To learn how to optimize your investment, speak to a professional about the do’s and dont’s of hearing aid care. Call Beltone DFW at (888) 958-8432.